Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Countdown to Halloween Day 14: A Visit to Treworgy Family Orchards

Hey kids, welcome back! I don't know about what you and your kin like to do, but something my family just has to do every Fall is make a trip to the Corn Maze/Apple Orchard/Pumpkin Patch/Petting Zoo extravaganza that is the Treworgy Family Orchards in Levant, ME! Come with us on a whirlwind tour as I recount our glorious trip to Treworgy's on my birthday! 

Here it is looking all rustic and whatnot.

Our traditional family shot next to the Treworgy's sign.

Me telling one of my kids to stop picking up and dropping the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, while he smiles blissfully and does it again anyway. One of our favorite traditions.

This child does not know the meaning of the words "Pretend you're a scarecrow!" Nor does he understand the words: "No... like a normal one.What... what are you doing?"

After paying a ridiculous amount of money to stumble around in someone's overgrown farmland, we were handed a map to the maze. It's elephants this year! 

Doesn't look so bad...

It looked better without me in it...

There are stations with hole-punchers to punch holes in your map to show you found each station. 

My wife is "The One Who Flirts Behind the Rows". (That is a Children of the Corn reference, in case you have no idea what the heck I'm talking about)

We also found the Hall of Fame, where you sign your name to show that you have been a part of this... experience.

Ah... communing with nature.

Then I got, like, crazy hungry. They had to pull me off the corn.


But we made it!

The boys took turns pulling each other around in a wagon. I felt this was helpful in recouping some of the money I spent on the ridiculously expensive corn maze.

The tractor pulling the hayride showed up. 

My daughter looked pretty. 

We looked as the pumpkin patch rolled by.

Everyone was getting kind of tuckered out at this point.

When we got back near the dairy bar and parking lot, we walked past the apple orchards. We decided not to pick apples here today because everyone was tired and the apples were kinda pricey.

That didn't stop one young man (the pumpkin dropper from earlier) from trying...

Ah. Apple trees and a pumpkin. So picturesque.

 Did I mention there's a petting zoo by the dairy bar? The kids loved the goats and bunnies and chickens and horses.


Our final reward for surviving the maze... soft-serve. Overall it was a pretty great trip, and one we will continue to make as many years as we can before the kids are "too cool" for it. And even after that I might drag my wife out there anyway.

Well that's it kids! I'll be back soon with some Gourd-Carving Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Haunting!

Remember, I'm doing this countdown as a part of the official Countdown to Halloween, so be sure to pop over there and look and see who else is participating this year.


  1. What a great family outting Derek...Thanks for sharing. : )

  2. There's nothing better than spending a day at a Fall Festival with the family. I'm jealous that your hayride actually had benches -- my back is still sore from the wagon we rode in the other day! :)

  3. The corn maze called for an "If you build it, he will come!" moment! (grin)


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