Saturday, August 31, 2013

Halloween is Coming...

So when I went into Goodwill yesterday I noticed something AMAZING.

They've set up part of their Halloween section! I say "part" because they haven't gone whole hog yet. There's still a back-to-school element that needs to be eliminated before you can completely consider it a Halloween section proper... but it's there. There are costume pieces and lawn ornaments... I can't WAIT to see how it develops!

I still won't be starting my official countdown to Halloween until October 1st... but I couldn't wait to report this! It's beginning to look a lot like Halloween!

I'll be back soon with more Geeky Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Quick Stop: Kid's Books

As long-time readers of this blog may already know, I often take long, ponderous trips to Goodwill, especially on payday Friday. But quite often too, I make quick stops in to see what's what and then I disappear into the ether as quickly as I appeared. I quickly cruise the toy department, the glass case up front, and then scan the books to see what jumps out at me. I will also sometimes walk through the holiday and housewares aisles to see if there's anything obviously cool sticking out like a sore thumb. 

Well... this time there were only books that jumped out. No toys... no exciting treasures under glass. But the books were pretty darn cool. Every single one of the books I'm featuring here today cost me .99 cents apiece.

First up I found this nearly-new "Green Team!" Step into reading book. This is selling for 3.99 retail but I got it for .99 cents! I'm a huge fan of the new Nick TMNT series, as are my boys. I have this to read to them at bed time now! It tells the story of the two-part premiere of the TV show, introducing the Kraang and Snakeweed. 

Next, there's a handful of Little Golden Books, (so keep scrolling down past them for the two coolest finds if you're not into LGBs) the first of which is the Sesame Street "The Together Book". This copy is a fifth printing from 1976. Roger Bradfield illustrates this book, which gives it a super old feel that I just love. This was back in the day when they weren't generating standardized "house style" images of the Sesame Street characters from a computer template. This thing feels homegrown. 

Next an odd one, Pocketful of Nonsense from 1992 by James Marshall. This I almost didn't pick up, but then saw it was full of nonsense rhymes like "Fuzzy Wuzzy", "Cinderella Dressed in Yella", and "A Peanut Sat on a Railroad Track" and I decided it could come home and live with me. 

This one is a reprint of a reprint of a reprint from 1992... but I don't care. "Hansel and Gretel" is one of my favorite fairy tales from childhood. I got the menace behind that candy house before the kids ever even touched it... and it thrilled and terrified me as a child. This edition is illustrated by the famous Eloise Wilkin, whose work I usually pass up because it is featured in mostly religious LGBs. I'm not anti-religious by any means, but I'm also definitely not religious by any means either. 

This is a great one right here. All I can tell is that it is a 14th edition printing and it was done sometime around 1960. But the gold binding has that distinctive older look that the books put out in the 80's don't have. It's less metallic and shiny, and has leaves and vines in a sort of sepia tone instead of the sharp black you see later on. The story itself is beautifully illustrated, and looks more like the LGB "house" style than the Disney film style, which you would see nowadays. 

Aw yeah. Now we're getting to the really cool stuff. I never turn down Disney Afternoon picture books of any kind, but ESPECIALLY not the ones featuring the Terror That Flaps in the Night. This story features the villainous Ammonia Pine, cleaning-themed agent of F.O.W.L. who is laundering money to an excessive degree. There's just no such thing as a boring Darkwing Duck story. I saw this book on the shelf and shouted "Let's Get Dangerous!!!" 

And last but FAR from least was this novelization of the Jim Henson film The Dark Crystal. Just look at that cover illustration! This is an "Owl Book" put out by Holt Rinehart Winston publishers in 1982. The "8 Pages of Color Stills from the Magical Movie!" are pretty great, but could have included a picture of the urSkeks. I'm thrilled to now have a copy of this to put next to my Labyrinth novelization. 

So for less than 7 bucks I brought all these great kid's books home from Goodwill! That's it for me tonight kids! I'll be back soon with more Geeky Goodwill Goodies! So until then, Happy Hunting!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Hello My Name is...

Hey kids! I took a break from the League last week because I just couldn't think up a good "Back to School" post... but be sure to check out what all the other Leaguers had in mind when it came to the end of Summer, and hitting the books

This week, our topic is:

This week’s assignment from the League: Hello, my name is…

So... introductions hmm? Well... here we go...

Hello! My name is The Goodwill Geek! My real name is Derek, but I prefer to use my nom de plume whenever possible when I'm online because I'm not currently "out" as a geek-who-blogs-obsessively-about-the-things-I-buy-at-Goodwill with anyone other than my wife and kids. 

This is the face I use online for most things. I don't post a lot of pictures of myself or my family... except maybe around Halloween: 

I am truly blessed.

When talking with my wife I go by "Hon," when talking with my kids, I go by "Dad" or "Daddy" depending on the kid... but when I'm blogging I am The Goodwill Geek all the way baby. 

I started this blog a little over a year ago, and I wanted it to be a place where I displayed items I bought second-hand on the cheap that geeks would be into. Most of this involves Goodwill, but I've featured lots of other thrift stores, antique malls, and surplus/salvage stores in my journeys. 

I live in Maine, which is pretty much a rural area with splatters of urban life randomly dotting the landscape. It makes it hard to collect the stuff I love "in the wild" sometimes... but boy is it "antique land" and randomly I find some pretty great stuff. 

In the course of the last year blogging I've discovered a few things about myself:

1. I am now obsessed with Little Golden Books. This is not something I'm particularly proud of I guess... but I LOVE them. 

Out. Of. Hand.

2. My Sesame Street and Muppet of obsession is growing out of control. The older the better. Books, toys, whatever. 

Ain't no party like a Sesame Street Party
Cos' a Sesame Street Party's in bed by like... 7.

3. I get more of an adrenalin rush from finding an old toy from the 80's or 90's while I'm out shopping than any person has a right to be. Action figures, toy cars, Happy Meal toys, it doesn't matter. 

Chills. I get chills. Just look at them.

I collect mostly for nostalgia. I collect things I used to own, or used to want to own. I collect things that take me back in time to when I had less commitments and less resting on my shoulders. I collect to keep myself sane. And it's probably unhealthy, and I probably need to get my priorities straight... and I probably need to stop using this blog to justify my childish behavior and finally grow up some day. 

Full grown adult and child.
You decide which is which.

But at nearly 35 years old I don't see it happening any time soon. I've only been blogging for about a year now, and it's been a heady drug that gets my blood a-pumpin'. And along the way... I've met some great folks whom I like and respect very much. People who write their own blogs and have their own weird obsessions. They're my people. And they know  my name. I don't need to introduce myself to them. This blog-o-sphere is a pretty nice neighborhood to move into. And... I like it here. 

So, for those of you who really, honestly need an introduction... Hello. My name is the Goodwill Geek. 

Let me introduce you to some of my friends in the League: 

- Hello! My name is Hobgoblin239

- Hello! My name is Jathniel

- Hello! My name is The Trash Man

- Hello! My name is CRPechonick (Hey, Welcome to the League man!) 

- Hello! My name is Erik Johnson (His artwork is to die for!)

- Hello! Our names are Lee and Linz

- Hello! My name is Charles

- Hello! My name is Laura (Thank you so much for jumping into the League this time around Laura! I hope you stick with it!)

- Hello! My name is William Christopher Joseph Mapp (Just call him Stunt Zombie)

- Hello! My name is Big J

- Hello! My name is MISS Michael 

- Hello! My name is Kal or Calvin (I'm not sure which)

- Hello! My name is Kevin (He's either a Hellion or he's pretty Decent. You decide)

- Hello! My name is (Our fearless leader) Brian

- Hello! My name is Yelinna

- Hello! My name is Natural Blonde Killer (Another one I want to thank for jumping into the League pool this week! Stick with it! And all you other readers out there be sure to check out NBK's other awesome blogs too!)

- Hello! My name is Mike (The Sexy Geek!)

- Hello! My name is Cody

Well that's it for me kids! I'll be back soon with Geeky Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Handful of Goodwill Goodies: 80's Kid's Books

Today's Random Handful of Goodwill Goodies is all about kids' books. BUT WAIT! There's some really cool ones in here, so even if you'd normally click away when you see I'm just doing a big weird post about kid's books... hang around for a while, okay? Almost every single one of these books is based on an 80's property, or was published back in the 80's. 

Let me get the obligatory Sesame Street book out of the way. This one's pretty rad though. It's a book of Sign Language ABC with Linda Bove!!! When I was a kid I was completely in love with Linda on Sesame Street and the fact that she was deaf and spoke in sign language only made her seem cooler to little me. I remember this book from somewhere, probably school. I found it not at Goodwill, but for .50 cents at Bull Moose in Bangor, ME. 

Next up, a trio of exciting Hollywood adventures! These books and all the books to follow were indeed found at Goodwill, for .99 cents. Benji and the Tornado, Gremlins: A New Friend, and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles: The Mummy's Curse. I was most excited to find the Gremlins picture book, but Young Indy ain't no slouch either. Benji I used to watch a lot as a kid, so  it gives me warm and fuzzies.  

Here we have a Who Framed Roger Rabbit book, detailing a very abridged version of the movie's plot. Then, I found this Muppet Babies McDonald's premium book featuring baby Fozzie and Kermit. There were at least two other books in the series given out with Happy Meals. This one is all about how Fozzie wants to make Kermit into a frog-skin suit he can have Kermit all to himself. I guess. I haven't read it yet. The ALF book is from the animated series, detailing his adventures on his home planet of Melmac. Pretty awesome!

All right! Now we're into the Good Stuff! You can tell because the pictures are solo shots. Here we have a G.I. Joe book titled Operation Star Fight. The art in this book, done by Earl Norem, is phenomenal. It's pretty violent by Joes standards too. It looks like folks are actually taking bullets. The story's not much to talk about (Cobra tries to hijack a space shuttle. It goes about as well as anything Cobra tries to do.) This is a sweet looking book though.

The Real Ghostbusters: The Haunted Castle is nothing amazing to write home about. I'm mostly just excited that I now own a Real Ghostbusters storybook. This tiny little book is about as long as a novel, so it doesn't make for great bedtime reading... It's weird that most 80's books have this same problem. It's like they didn't even take into account that most kids have an attention span of about 40 seconds, give or take depending if there's candy in the room. Fun little piece of nostalgia. 

One of the MOST exciting kid's book finds in recent memory is this Thundercats book, Lion-O Walks the Plank! I haven't read this one yet either, but I have to beg the question: How does one walk the plank into the vacuum of space? Aren't they in like... outer space up there in that picture right now? How is that happening? All kidding aside though, I'm stoked (yep, stoked) to own this book.

Aaargh! I published this post without writing anything about this tiny little TMNT book! It's pretty great, but much like the Real ghostbusters book above, it's TOO LONG to read to my little guys. Maybe when they're older... until then I'll just hang on to it for them in the cave...

I guess Isaac Asimov must have been into like, science or something. This is not the first kid's science book I've found written by him. There was that "Did Comets Kill the Dinosaurs?" book I found back in August LAST year... (Spooky!) There are no Robots gaining self-awareness in either of these books. It's kind of a bummer. 

Hey! Here's a Q*Bert book! It has nothing whatsoever to do with the animated series either, which I found pretty refreshing. So no villains dressed up as a greaser/biker gang, and no malt shops or letter-jackets for Q*Bert. 

In fact, all of Q*Bert's dialogue is written in code that you decipher using the phrase key at the beginning of the book. The whole thing pretty much just tells a story to explain what the hell is going on when you play Q*Bert. I like how the picture on the cover is in the shape of a Q. This is deep stuff here people.

You didn't think I'd do a whole post about kid's books and not have at least ONE Little Golden book did you? This here's a Tom and Jerry LGB. They... have a party apparently. Looks fun, albeit most likely highly unsanitary. I love finding older properties like this. Even though the copyright on the story is 1955, this book was still published in the 80's as the coupon for 15 cents off another Golden book in the back of the book has a copyright of 1982. 

This is one of those pretty standard, generic books about monsters that talks about all the different categories, from old mythology, to current legends and cryptozoology, to monsters of the movies, and the "possible" monsters that aliens could potentially be. The artwork and text are all incredibly cheesy and enjoyable. This is the exact kind of flashlight-under-the-covers kind of book I would have checked out from the school library for six weeks in a row as a wee lad. 

Nyah-ha! I slipped ANOTHER Sesame Street book in here!!! This one's about The Wanted criminal known as the Great Cookie Thief. It plays out like a classic Sesame Street comedy sketch from the show, and it's all western themed. I'm cheating a little bit here as this book is actually from 1977. But it's classic Sesame Street! And by classic I mean the awesome stuff they used to do back in the day before it all started being about Elmo's goldfish. 

Well that's it for me tonight kids! I'll be back real soon with more Geeky Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mardens Finds!!! Plus GIVEAWAY!!!

I made a quick trip to the Ellsworth Mardens just the other day... 

Associated Builders Inc Marden's New Store Upfit

I was kind of hoping I'd find some of the Masters of the Universe Classics figures I've been hearing about lately showing up at Big Lots. After all, I a few years back I found the only-released-in-Canada third wave of the GI Joe Combat Heroes there: 

And it's also where I found those Marvel Family and Justice Guild Justice League Unlimited Matty Collector exclusives that I mentioned back in May:


So I was actually thinking my chances were pretty good considering that track record. I don't have any Big Lots in my vicinity so I take what I can get. Mardens is a Maine-based chain of surplus and salvage stock stores... sort of a local clone of Big Lots, hence the weird exclusive toys that show up from time to time. 

Unfortunately I was out of luck. BUT I didn't leave empty handed. I made some really great finds that almost-but-not-quite had me as excited as if I had!

First up they had a pile of these Spiderwick books. I really like this series by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi, but the books are a bit light, and I've been saying for years that they should have just collected all five volumes into one big book and call it good. Well lo and behold, they did just that! I picked myself up a copy for 2.99. There's a lot of great extras included in the back, including a series of other artists' renditions of characters and moments from the series! The stories themselves are good. It's DiTerlizzi's illustrations here that make the world of the book really feel earthy and amazing. The movie that came out in 2008 just didn't do it justice. I think if Henry Selick ever got ahold of this and did a stop-motion version inspired by DiTerlizzi's illustrations... it would be EPIC. Not literally the movie EPIC... which is also about fairies... but the traditional use of the word. 

I found a couple of these great, MEGO-esque McDonaldland  Characters from Huckleberry toys. These were produced in 2008 and I kind of LOVE THEM. They only had two out of the five figures available in the set. No Grimace... No Hamburglar... No Captain Crook... But they did have two! Ronald was the first one to catch my eye. To be honest, I'm not as huge of a fan of Ronald here with his rooted Barbie hair, as I am...

Mayor McCheese!!! I decided I would not be taking these guys out of their packaging as I really like the over-all effect of seeing them in there. Entombed. In plastic. Forever. I miss the old McDonald Gang... I wasn't around for the full-fledged trips to McDonaldLand with the Apple Pie Trees and the Burger Patch... but I remember Mayor McCheese and Officer Big Mac playground equipment! I especially loved Hamburglar and Grimace and Birdie the Early Bird... Sigh. Those were the days. Of course, I've already displayed my love for McDonald's themed Happy Meal toys on here before... and these two McDonaldLand characters look great on that shelf right alongside!

Anyway... I like Mayor McCheese here SO much that I picked up an extra one to give away! Yes! That's right! I'm doing my very first bona fide contest here on Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks! Mayor McCheese can be yours!!! All you have to do to enter to win is recount your favorite McDonald's memory in the comments below! It can be a commercial, a toy, an awesome visit to one of their restaurants... whatever you want. Just give me a memory and you're entered in the drawing. (And I'm sorry, but "I don't like McDonald's, so let me give you my favorite -insert other random food chain here- memory instead" won't cut it. If you don't like McDonald's wait for the next contest. What would you even want this for?) The cut-off is August 31st Midnight, Eastern time. THEN on September 1st I will draw someone who submitted a favorite McDonald's memory at random from the list (TRULY at random! I will NOT play favorites here, I promise) and notify them here on my blog that they have won their very own MAYOR MCCHEESE!!! It's that easy! OH! And I will mail this internationally if need be, so Hobgoblin of the Monster Cafe Saltillo (and any other readers I have outside the states)... feel free to enter this contest!

Well, I'll be back soon with more actual Geeky Goodwill Goodies! Until then Happy Hunting! And Good luck McDonald's Geeks!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Random Handful: Stuff I Got at Wal-Mart

I went to Wal-Mart just a short while back, and made a few fun finds. 

Hey! Not everything I buy has to come second-hand... I just usually look for it second-hand first. Some of the stuff I see out there new just won't wait though. Let me show you what I found:

I'm a pretty big PEZ enthusiast, and I am definitely one of the Boba Fett slaves out there who just think he's one of the coolest things about the original trilogy. In fact, I already own a Boba Fett PEZ dispensor, out of its package. When I saw this one at Wal-Mart, I knew I'd finally have one to put up on the wall with Catwoman, Animal, Perry the Platypus, and Inspector Clouseau. It's... a motley crew. Boba here ran me about a buck fifty.

Cruising the book section I found some neat-looking Adventure Time stuff. Adventure time is one of my top animated shows to watch right now, and anything genuinely interesting they put out for it has a good chance of making it home if the price is right. Aaaaand... it was. First up was this Adventure Time Destination: Ooo. Land of Ooo in Under 20 Snails a Day. It's a travelogue! A guide to the worlds of Adventure Time as if you were traveling there yourself as a tourist! There are entries on currency, languages, historical events, and inhabitants. And then it continues on to other realms besides the Candy Kingdom into places like the Nightosphere, Lumpy Space, and the Fire Kingdom. If you're a fan of the show whatsoever, this little guide-book is an excellent scrap-book of some of the best characters and moments. At a little under 9 dollars this was the most expensive item I picked up. But definitely worth it.

I haven't really had a chance to explore this next Adventure Time book to the same depth that I did the guide-book. This is a "Which Way, Dude?" book, which I think roughly translates into a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure (Time!) book. Well, anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time knows how I feel about CYOA books. This is book #1 which means, HOPEFULLY there will be many, many more of these suckers. Some of the portions end in a puzzle or riddle the reader has to solve before choosing which page to turn to next. I. Am. Very. Excited. This book cost me just a little under 5 dollars.

The last thing I picked up at Wal-Mart this weekend was this little beauty. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Little Golden Book!!! I've heard there was going to be one for MONTHS now, but every time I went looking for it (even on Amazon!) I couldn't find it. So when I got the to book department this weekend and there was a hug Little Golden Books end-cap staring me in the face... what was the ONE thing I held my breath as I looked for? Well it wasn't Doc McStuffins, I can tell you that much. This is a great little story too! I read it to my boys for bedtime the night I brought it home and I really enjoyed it as an introduction to the Turtles. It gives us the run down on the origin story, the four different Turtles' personalities, and a handful of the significant villains (The Kraang, Shredder, Fish-Face and Dogpound) and allies (Shredder and April). The illustrations are reminiscent of the show, but in 2D, using what seems to be the recently developed LGB "House Style". This book has it all! And for the low, low price of 3 dollars! Now I'd just like to see them follow it up with another book detailing other allies and enemies such as Mutagen Man, Metal-Head, Rat King, and Baxter Stockman, just to name a few. 

Well, that's it guys! I'll be back soon with some actual Geeky Goodwill Goodies! So until then, Happy Hunting!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Goodwill Quick Stop 08-09-2013 Toys! Comics! Cool Stuff Galore!

On my way home from work on Friday I decided to stop in to Goodwill for one of my patented "quick-stops" this means I breeze through the departments I'm most likely to find something good without really digging much. I hit the toy department, scan the books, and look at the case at the front of the store. 

GOODWILL GEEK TIP #765: Always check the glass case or cases near the register. You NEVER know what they're going to stick in that case... sometimes its all just old costume jewelry but it could be old game cartridges, or steak knives, or vintage action figures, or sex how-to books, or anything they think may be valuable and/or dangerous for kids to get their hands on for whatever reason. Some of it may be obvious, but some of it will probably have you scratching your head. 

In the many glass cases of the Goodwills I frequent I have found: a bag of Masters of the Universe action figures, a bag of McDonalds vintage Happy Meal Cars, a can of Duff Beer from the Simpsons that turned out to house one-sixth of a dice game... the list goes on, but I will not. In fact, two of my quick-stop finds in this post were out of the glass cases by the registers! ALWAYS CHECK THE CASE

For instance, I found is set of 1991 Archie toy cars from Burger King in the case. I'm not a huge Archie fan, but this was a cool set, and I do enjoy have icons of different sorts in my collection. Plus the cars are all very cool. 

I love that the "big 4" of the Archies are all represented here, and that each has a distinct looking automobile that seems to match their personalities. Archie in his old-fashioned fun-loving jalopy, Betty in her classic Cadillac, Veronica in her suped up sports car, and Jug-Head in something that says Volkswagen to me, but I really don't know for cars... so feel free to enlighten me.


They have General Motors markings on the bottoms in addition to the Burger King and Archie stuff so I am led to believe these are genuine car models. I never liked them much as a kid but as an adult I'm becoming a sucker for any kind of old-school Fast Food premium with a famous character driving a toy car.

I paid 1.99 for each of these, making the set just under 8 bucks, and less than that with my discount card... but I still had this twinge of feeling like I was over-paying. I really fell in love with them though so I went ahead and brought them home. 

The next item I found was sitting in with the board games and puzzles in the toy department. It's a 2001 Dexter's Laboratory Coloforms playset! I've read enough blog posts from fellow bloggers to know how much fun Colorforms can be, so I snapped these up for .99 cents without hesitation. I was worried that when I got them home some of the pieces might be missing or damaged...

But I was relieved to discover that was not the case! All 32 Colorform Pieces were present, whole, and accounted for! They still stick to the background included like magic too! I was kind of disappointed by the selection of Colorform pieces to play with, as I know there were more crazy events and experiments that could have been represented rather than say... a loose lightbulb or a grandafather clock. I find it hard to believe kids would have had much to "play" with this set. But I still love that it reminds me of my childhood, and the Colorforms I had back then. They feel just the same. And I'm a big Dexter's fan so I can't complain. 

Kicking around loose on the shelf is yet another Dexter item, and I can only assume he was shucked from a grab-bag (This happens a lot. People pop open grab-bags and leave the contents strewn everywhere. It drives me insane) because he had no price tag so they just charged me .99 cents for him. The weirdest thing about him? He's a Subway Kid's Meal toy! I never thought Subway had anything worth bothering with in their kid's meals! This was of course from 2001 so it's been like, 12 years... they've probably had quite a few hits and misses in that time. 

Here's Dexter in his new home with some other fellows. I sort of see Dexter either teaming up with or facing off against Inspector Gadget. It just feels right. 

I cannot explain why I bought this book. It is a Perry Mason mystery/crime novel. It is "The Case of the Mythical Monkeys" I think... I think that the image of the monkeys and the title... juxtaposed with the hot "ready-and-waiting" red-headed bombshell... just got me. I will never read this book, just to be clear. I could easily just tear off the cover, frame it, and hang it on the wall. I won't do that because it causes me physical pain to deface books in such a manner... but I need to display this awesome piece of ridiculousness SOMEHOW. I only paid .99 cents for it, so I don't feel TOO guilty.

And of course, I can never leave a Choose Your Own Adventure book behind if I spot it. This one is particularly old, and is only #4 in the series. "Space and Beyond"" looks a little silly to be honest, based off the illustrations alone. The hero of the story has a chin that is larger than the rest of his head. I got this for .99 cents. 

And last but not least I found a parcel of comic books in the glass case up front! At first I sighed because the pack was 9.99 and I'm SO tired of Goodwill over-pricing old comic books... and then when I asked to see the pack and realized it contained sixteen issues of Power-pack... and THREE of them were Inferno tie-ins... I decided I would buy! That's like .63 cents per issue, and I'm okay with that. Not only that, but if you look above, there's a guest appearance by Nightcrawler and I suspect the Morlocks. 

I've never really followed Power Pack. I think I have a couple of loose issues somewhere in my collection (none of the ones I picked up here). I know a little bit about the characters and their powers, and some of their history That's only because I used to make it my business to know anyone and everyone in the Marvel Universe. But I've never really read any stories. These will be my first official foray into Power Pack territory. Hey look! The New Mutants guest star in one of these too!

Here's a three-issue story-arc featuring Galactus! The far right comic in the far right picture there is a Holiday special that came out in '93. "An All New Story from the Original Creators!"

I mentioned a while back that I've been having a bit of a dry spell at Goodwill. AND THEN... I run in for a quick-stop and I come home with some pretty cool stuff like all this! This was a fun little handful of great stuff and I walked out whistling!

Well, that's it for me today! I'll be back soon with more Geeky Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting!
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