Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 2: How To Train Your Dragon Gear!

So, to continue with the whole "let's get the Geek on here and dress him up like an idiot" theme I started yesterday... here are some costume pieces I picked up at Goodwill! I got these the very first day that I noticed the Halloween section was up and running at my local Goodwill. 

Know what they are? Huh? Huh? Do ya? They're from How to Train Your Dragon!!! Hiccup's Helmet and shield! There was supposed to be an ax in the set as well, but it was nowhere to be seen. Frown. BUT at least the cashier only charged me 1.99 for the two items. She recognized that these were part of a set and let me buy them together. That was pretty sweet. 

Oh great. Just look at this a**-hole.
When I got home, I discovered that 30+ years on this earth have not dampened my child-like sense of wonder. I put that s**t on!!! I paraded around like this for HOURS until my wife finally made me stop. I think trying to wear them to bed was the last straw.

But the fun didn't stop there! While not strictly a Halloween toy, dragons do fall into the monster category, and cute widdle Toofless from the Defenders of Berk line fits in nicely with Hiccup's gear above. So... consider that to be a segue into featuring this dragon toy I bought at Wal-Mart. Isn't he adorable? I already sneaked a picture of him onto the blog back when I featured some recent TMNT purchases... so you may remember him. 

I want to keep Toothless up in my desk area as he is adorable and I want to look at him A LOT. But he doesn't look like he's so sure of this living arrangement... there's a heavy Pixar presence here on this particular shelf. Even if the Turtles have taken over the Pizza Planet truck. We'll have to see if his quarters end up moving in the near future. 

Well, that's it for me tonight boils and ghouls! I'll be back with more Grisly Goodwill Goodies soon enough! Until then, Happy Haunting!

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  1. Oh man Derek i love your sense of humor with the Dragon Gear i would of tried to wear it too bed with my wife too but the funny thing is she would of mostly let me keep it on lol.

  2. At least you've got the distinct Scandinavian traits to pull off the viking look.

    1. I've always thought that same thing. Thank you for finally saying it publicly.

  3. I LOLd so hard when I saw you holding that tiny shield. You made my day, bravo! Long live Hiccup!

    1. I live to entertain!!! Glad I gave you a chuckle. Thanks Mason!


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