Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 23: Ring the Bells for Halloween!

Couldn't remember if I'd ever featured these guys on the blog before, but I'm pretty sure this is their first time. So today I'm featuring Halloween bell-characters! My wife bought most of these for me, but whenever I see more of them out and about, I always add to our collection. 

Here's a jolly, pumpkin-headed fellow tipping his hat and dancing about. This guy is hands down one of my favorite Halloween decorations in general. 

Next up we have a Count Dracula with bells on. He looks ridiculously cheery because of the way the bell is cut. 

Here's a skeleton with a fully jointed body. Love this guy. He's the only pot-bellied skeleton I know. 

Here's a little witch with her wand. She has bells for feet and hands, and another bell for her bulbous nose. 

This bat looks flocked but he's actually just got some sort of sand or grit mixed in with the paint they used to coat him. 

Here is my absolute favorite of them all. This pirate skeleton looks so jaunty and proud, and instead of a parrot he has a bat on his shoulder! Perfect! From his eye-patch, to the Jolly Roger, to the orange stripes, and the peg leg, there's nothing I don't adore about this guy. 

Here's a little white Pac-Man-style ghost in white. Instead of being a sleigh-style-bell like all the others, this is a more traditionally shaped bell with details cut into it. 

I think the coolest thing about this Jack O' Lantern bell is the swirling eyes. My only problem with this bell is the old Goofy vs. Pluto debate: If Pluto is a dog then what is Goofy? If this is a Jack O' Lantern then what was the first guy in this post? 

Charlotte here has a bell body, a bell head, and each foot is a bell as well. She's simple and gorgeous. 

And finally we have this crow-dressed-in-overalls-eating-corn. He's cute. He's probably not really one of my favorites, so I should probably have ended on the Skeleton Pirate guy. Man. I really missed an opportunity here. Ah well, this guy's mostly "harvest" themed rather than Halloween, but I don't mind. I still feel like he fits in. 

That's it for me tonight kids! I'll be back tomorrow with more Gut-spattered Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Haunting! 

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  1. These are really cool. The pirate and the ghost are my favorite of the bunch. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shouldn't it have been her BELLbous nose? haha

  3. These are really cool looking Derek i really like them.


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