Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 15: Marden's Finds!

I've mentioned Mardens on here a time or two... and I'll be mentioning them again tonight. But tonight, as with almost ALL things on this blog during this magical month... my mention will be HALLOWEEN themed. Mardens is an overstock and salvage place, similar to Big Lots... sort of. So they get some interesting stuff around Halloween. I am almost certain that they get a lot of their stock from Spirit stores, because some of it is surprisingly high-end. Here's a small handful of stuff I found on the cheap in their Halloween section:

Nice selection... Hellraiser, Thundercats, Shaun the Sheep... you see the pattern forming right? Right. Good. 

First up is this cool "Butterball's Weapons" on a faux-leather apron. Butterball, for those who don't know, is this guy: 

Sorry... he's SUPER hard to find a good picture of on the internet.

And next to the "Chatterer" he is my FAVORITE cenobite. Anyway, I paid 2.99 for his set of weapons... which are not really movie accurate in any way shape or form... but still, it looks like a tool belt full of bloody cenobite torture instruments... and that just says family fun to me! 

I'm a sucker for cheap but good entertainment of the Halloween variety. And Shaun the Sheep "Little Sheep of Horrors" fits that bill nicely. From the creators of Wallace and Gromit, this video has a bunch of kid-friendly tales of a sheep and his friends... and Halloween. I think my favorite one may be the part where a sheep dressed as a Dalek shows up for a Halloween party. Do I need to say more?

While I see the potential, I know that the Sword of Omens is not truly a Halloween object... but Mardens had them out with the Halloween stuff. So... deal with it. I paid 6.99 for this museum-quality replica (with lights, sound, and a retractable blade that sticks out about 2 feet) and now it adorns my cave. 

Next up we have another Halloween DVD and a cool book about monsters.

First up we have The Cookie Jar Halloween Cartoon Collection. I bought this pretty much for just ONE thing... and then discovered a handful of other great cartoons on the DVD:

I specifically bought the DVD for track #9: Bump in the night, an old claymation series from the mid-90's. What I discovered was that there was a Halloween episode of the Littles on there!!! Archie's Weird Mysteries!!! And Ripley's Believe it or Not: The Vampire kit. What I also discovered when I got it home was that the ONE track I bought it for had the AUDIO messed up!!! So Bump in the Night was unwatchable. Which is probably why it ended up at an overstock and salvage store in the first place.

Finally, this book of monsters explores mythology as well as a few other sources to fill its pages with monsters to excite and inspire. The artwork is pretty fun. It's one in a long tradition of "kids' monster books" that I was a NUT for as a kid. I paid .50 cents for this book. Check out some of the art:

Well that's it for me tonight my pretties! I'll be back soon with some Gristle-filled Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Haunting!

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