Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 10: Halloween Shelf-Sitters!!!

The count-down to Halloween continues and today I have one of the most exciting (to me) finds in a long time!!! Usually knick-knacks and bric-a-brac are something I'm pretty choosy about. I have to really fall in love with some kitschy piece of resin whatever it may be... and when I lay eyes upon this bag of Halloween kitsch for 5.99... I THREW my money at the cashier and wept openly in her arms until I could compose myself. 

What was this amazing treasure that I stumbled upon at my local Goodwill? What Halloween goodness did I bring home with me on that fateful day? AMAZING HALLOWEEN SHELF-SITTERS!!! Let's take an EXHAUSTIVE look at each on in detail. 

So these are pretty much what you'd expect upon first glance. They have flat, heavy butts to anchor them on a shelf with their legs dangling over. Those legs are loose and dangly, jointed with pieces of string to hold them together. BUT...

The devil is in the details! Upon closer inspection, we see this Wolf-Man has an adorable grin and a genuinely detailed and well-sculpted face. The paint application on these goes a bit beyond the typical Dollar-Tree fare, so I'm not even sure where the person who donated these would have originally found them. Wolfie here has shredded clothes and baleful yellow eyes, and a jaunty little faux-hawk to let the night-life know he's ready to party. 

I have a HUNCH this Igor's no snore! (How do I do it folks? Even I don't know. It's a gift.) With a nice green and purple color pallet, and the blue highlights on his face and hair, Hunchy here is warty and loving it. 

With a face (and protruding tongue) that only a World's Ugliest Dog judge could love, this guy really rings my bell! (Hah! Hunchback humor!) 

This vampiress has a sort of Little Mermaid vibe going on with her footless dress that looks more Ariel than Elvira. I'm sure they were going for more of a Morticia Addams feel there, but all I'm seeing is an undead Darryl Hannah (Nah, she's pretty awesome but I wanted a joke that made a Splash). Love the Halloween pallet going on here though, the purple black and orange looks great.  

She is the one member of the gang who is broken unfortunately... but let's face it. No one's looking at her arms. Amirite? And am I imagining it or does she has a sort of Peg Bundy meets Lily Munster vibe going on here? 

Is it just me???

He baby! Don't fear the reaper! With his scythe, hour-glass, and toothy, goofy grin, there's no way this sculpt isn't a little bit inspired by Terry Pratchett's Disc-World version of Death. It's kind of hard to see them, I know, but he's also wearing purple sneakers. 

This guy looks incredible. Look at all the little details! The shading on the blue cloak is gorgeous, the color of the skull looks awesome, and those teeth! Even the smaller details, like the little skulls on the rope-belt, and the smiley face button just make me SMILE. If death must come... let him wear a smiley like this guy! 

I certainly won't go tutting this dusty old Pharoah! He's sure to earn his first-aid junior woodchuck badge with all that bandaging going on! 

I tried REALLY hard to work in a "denial ain't just a river in Egypt!" joke here... but I just got really unmotivated. I have to admit, this Mummy is sort of my least favorite character in the set. He's not badm he's just not my favorite. I really like all the little bits of jewelry like rings, bracelets, and amulets. His head-piece is big and lavish, everything, but the color scheme gives off kind of a Gryffindor vibe, and his little shrunken apple-doll face does absolutely nothing for me whatsoever. 

But the winner for most likely to be AWESOME is this guy: Dr. Jekyll! Look at that s**t-eating grin! He's a snake-oil salesman if ever I've seen one! Have I seen one? I'm not sure. There was a guy outside the laundromat one time selling oil... but he wanted to rub it on me and I don't know what kind of oil it was. Maybe koala. But wait! There's more to him than meets the eye! 

He's a Transformer! Sort of. Welll... you know what I mean. The grin is GONE and all that is left is Hyde! I love that turning into Hyde causes him to lose some teeth and his hat crumples, and he goes from blonde to soulless ginger. 

And how do we accomplish this feat of magic! By rubber cork! And a two-faced head. Had the head to this guy been lost before I purchased these, I would have been delighted that they included a Headless Horseman, but confused as to why he was carrying a purse and a glass of Mellow Yellow. 

Here they all are, gazing off into the distance, dreaming of simpler times, back when the were young and full of hope. It sort of looks like The Wolf-Man is looking conspiratorially at the camera all Ferris Bueller style. I absolutely ADORE these things. Money. Well. Spent. Checkmate Goodwill. Check and mate. 

Well that's it kids! I'll be back with more Godzilla-sized Goodwill Goodies in the near future! Until then, Happy Haunting!

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  1. I love these! You did great here Derek such a good deal.

  2. These are so cool! I also so love your humor! : )

  3. Great find. I believe these originally came from Collections Etc. I have been hunting for these since I failed to buy them out of the catalog many years ago. Again, congrats!


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