Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 18: Decorating Around the Geek's House

Tonight I just thought I would share some of the decorations we've put up around the house. Some are very similar to what we did last year... but there are some differences. 

Here we have the old built-in bookshelf, covered at this time of year with several different themed groups of decorations. We have (starting at the bottom and working up) the blow-mold pails, the Halloween village, the apothecary/mad scientist shelf, the goofy, smile shelf, and the "containers with faces" shelf. 

Here we have the Halloween Hutch, which is decked out in even more Halloween decor. Just realizing now that the top shelf of the hutch is all jacked up and unfortunately that is where some of my very favorite decorations are standing. The articulated artists doll is something I picked up for Goodwill not long ago and spray-painted black. My son pulled off one of the legs when we got it home, so I was a little peeved... but I decided it just makes it look even creepier that way. So there. Goodwill. And here you thought this post would have nothing to do with my bizarre shopping habits. 

My wife got these black-light-esque Halloween decoration lights to hang above the archway into the kitchen. You might recognize something special hanging up there with them... 

My pink Kitten heads!!! You see they really were intrinsic to a happy Halloween after all!

These last few pictures were supposed to displa our chaotic-but-fun decorated dining room chandelier... instead it just sort of looks like a bundle of trash suspended from the ceiling... but here you go anyway. 

You can click on them if you want to see them bigger... but trust me it doesn't seem to help. All I can tell you is that these pictures don't really do it justice, and it looks way cooler in person... and lit up. Of course lit up, it is almost impossible to photograph so you'll just have to take my word on almost ALL of this.

I would go into greater detail about all of our decorations, but honestly, I just woke up after falling asleep on the couch while watching The Bride of Frankenstein and I am feeling a little cranky. I turned off the movie, decided to go to bed, and then realize I hadn't posted today for my Halloween countdown challenge. So... sigh. Here we are.

I will be back with some much less Grouchy Goodwill Goodies. Until then, Happy Haunting!

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  1. I would do up my house....But with the cafe it is all a little much!

  2. Beautiful stuff! You have so many great decorations - love them! And yeah, the guy is better with his leg off! :)

  3. I like the skull shaped candy bucket on the bottom row!

  4. nice! i've done more decorating in the apt. this year, lights, skeletons & stuff


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