Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 20: Dark Future Elvis???

I'm totally stretching it here but I HAD to post this. I JUST found it yesterday for .99 cents, and I couldn't WAIT to share it. So I'm going with the "Dark" part of this title, and the general decor of the cover with the skulls and whatnot, and sharing it as a Halloween book anyway. LOOK at this piece of Beauty: 

So this is something that exists. I don't feel the need to read it, EVER. I just wanted to get a picture or two of it and then use that as my computer wallpaper FOREVER. Apparently, it is part of a 4-book series where a retired-not-dead Elvis exists in the alternate historied and dystopian America of 1995. There are three other books in the Dark Future series, which I guess was originally supposed to be a role-playing game but instead ended up as four novels and a board-game instead. The back of the book says he faces off against a bunch of enemies including the Klu Klux Klan, which might explain the copter: 

I would be totally down for a whole series of Mad Max-like adventures starring the King here... but as this series is written currently I just don't see it being my thing. But the cover art alone is AMAZING. And just to keep you from feeling cheated, here's a picture of my favorite Elvis toys:

There's the Elvis RV from Cars, the Funko Pop! 1970's Elvis, a Stitch-as-Elvis bobble Happy Meal Toy from 2002, and the S.L.U.G. zombies "Singer Mortis" who is either zombie Elvis or a zombie Elvis impersonator. 

So that's absolutely it for today kids! Gonna be a lazy Sunday! But I've got lots of Graveyard-dug Goodwill goodies to share with you in the upcoming days, so keep your eyes PEELED. Until then, Happy Haunting!

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  1. Confederate flag copter? Check!

    But thank God, the South will NOT rise ;)

  2. I've heard of southern pride but that helicopter is ridiculous!

  3. I believe the copter actually belongs to... gulp... the KKK. They feature as villains in the story according to the text on the back of the book.

    1. I think they feature as villains in EVERY story. Nasty bunch....

  4. Dark Future Elvis!? XD

    Man, that's awesome! Sounds better than Axe Cop! I really like the cover. I always judge a book by it's cover, that's the sole reason I bought a copy of The Book of Three!


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