Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 8: ...Something New!

The day before yesterday I featured an OLD Halloween mainstay... in the old McDonalds Trick or Treat pails, and now for it's time for something new!!!

These are three of this year's brand new PEZ dispenser desgins! I wanted to get a nice shot of them in the package still before I ripped them open... but they REFUSED to look at me straight on. What prima donnas! (well, except for that ghost... but he's just so f**king cheery it makes me SICK)

That's better! As you can see they came out with a new Jack O' Lantern sculpt, a happy little Ghost, and the CUTEST VAMPIRE EVER MADE!!! Just look at that kid! I think he is my absolute favorite of the new Halloween models. NAY! of PEZ altogether!

And here's one last side-shot of all three, from head to toe. I like the colors of the cases below the heads too. The red reall makes the vampire pop, the Halloween-y orange looks great with the Ghost, and the Pumpkin is glow-in-the-dark! Wow! I can get really excited about colored plastic!

That's it for me kiddos! I'll be back soon with some GRAAAVE Goodwill Goodies! Until then... Happy Haunting!

Be sure to check out all of the great blogs participating in this year's Halloween Countdown! You can do so by clicking this link, or clicking on the Cryptkeeper 2013 banner on the sidebar to the right! Also, check out the "Blog-O-Ween" Halloween Blog collective, again by following this link, or through the badge on the sidebar! Thanks!


  1. Super cute! My niece collected these and when she got too old, she gave them all to my son. Now he doesn't collect them either! LOL

    1. Too old for PEZ? I don't understand this concept.

  2. This year's PEZ dispensers were pretty nice. I love that vampire! His little skull broach is just awesome. I also picked up the new bat sculpt. I love PEZ dispensers, but I don't care for the candy at all, so it really starts to pile up.

    1. That's when my having 3 kids comes in pretty handy.


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