Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Countdown Day 21: Cool Stuff Around the Web

So I'm going to kind of hurry through this one tonight kids.

I just want to show-case some Awesome Halloween-y stuff I've discovered around the web recently.

First up:


I noticed over at the Strange Kids Club site that Kandy Coated Kackles is back! Zach Bellissimo is up to the 17th volume of his Halloween Mixtapes with his own original cover artwork. This one is called TOKYO ATTACK!!! As you can see there is a slight (but not annoyingly pervasive) Kaiju theme to this year's mix. You can also go to Bellissimo's own Tumblr to download all the other 16 volumes of KCK. I think even more than the music itself, I love Bellissimo's album art. 

Next we have the short film "Larson's Field" which is a spooky little Halloween tale that I feel like I can't really talk too much about without giving too much away. Let's just say that the gnarled-looking hand you see above is something that will come back to haunt these kids on Halloween. The kids' acting is in turns prett good and not-so-good, but this short film still manages to be spooky, funny, and reminiscent of more than one movie that has come before it. 

Junk Fed

Tintod, over at Junk Fed shares a post this week that was quite frankly one of the best Halloween blog posts I've ever read. It his own Halloween history, and it details some really fun, really personal, and really just plain nostalgic stuff. The personal connections he makes between Halloween and his family relationships stirred up all kinds of emotions in me, not the least of which was just a wistful longing to be a kid at Halloween again.  

Finally, I wanted to end with a little local lore and legend... The story of Catherine's Hill is a story that everyone in my area is aware of. Many people I know swear up and down that they've had encounters with the ghostly Catherine. I live about 3 miles from this part of the Blacks Woods and Fox pond, and I know the area is both eerie and beautiful. About 4 years ago, local news station WABI did a little news piece about Catherine's Hill, and it was a fun, shivery little piece of reporting. Marcus LiBrizzi, who is interviewed in the piece, is one of my wife's professor's at UMaine Machias. Any time she has to make a trip out to the campus she drives down the Blacks Woods road and up Catherine's Hill. My favorite part of the whole piece is when he mentions that he thinks something far OLDER resides in those woods than an of the local legends would suggest... Enjoy! 

Well, that's it for me tonight kids! I'll be back tomorrow with some Groovy-Ghoulie Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Haunting!

Be sure to check out all of the great blogs participating in this year's Halloween Countdown! You can do so by clicking this link, or clicking on the Cryptkeeper 2013 banner on the sidebar to the right! Also, check out the "Blog-O-Ween" Halloween Blog collective, again by following this link, or through the badge on the sidebar! Thanks!


  1. So will you be making a trip out to the Hill this year then? That would be some spooky hi-jinks for sure if you did.

    1. Oh HELL no! You won't catch me ANYwhere near Catherine's Hill on Halloween night!

    2. I wonder how many folks do go out there on Halloween night?

  2. Fun stuff! Love the local legends like Catherine's Hill. Off to check out Junk Fed.

  3. Thanks so much for the mention. I'm glad that people can get something out of my ranting.

    Catherine's Hill sounds spooky. Not only that, it sounds like a huge inconvenience. What if you do stop and offer her a ride and then she accepts? She probably lives out of the way, and will probably need to stop off for a few things. Not only that, what if someone sees you driving around with a headless person? That would be tricky one to explain. What a hassle. No thanks.

    1. Just really loved the post man! I wish I had such crystal clear memories of my Halloweens. I think my memories are more directly attached to my toys and comic books. I had a couple of really magical Halloweens as a kid, but I had WAAAAY more long hours alone with my toys, living in my own little world.

    2. And as for Catherine... I would imagine one of the benefits being that you wouldn't have to worry about her being all like "Hey! My eyes are up here!"


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