Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Count Down Begins

Okay, so I know I've mentioned on here more than once that I am in the process of moving.

My wife and I are in the process of buying a house, and moving our 3 children into it. Our closing dat is next Friday, August 24th. I am sitting in the living room of my apartment, looking at one little shelf of toys I haven't had the heart to pack up yet... trying to stay sane. So there's one reason why today's blog post sucked today.

I am sooo looking forward to my trip to Goodwill this Friday.

Want to see my view? Check it out after the jump.

Here you go:

Actually, now that I look at these pictures, I realize they aren't even current. So many of these toys have now been packed away. I mean, I know I'll be seeing them all again soon... but when I'm stressed, these are kind of my port in the storm. 

I just don't have the heart (or really the time right now) to drag out my camera and take a more current picture. I prefer to pretend I still have all these awesome toys out to look at. (Most of them still are, it's the larger items that have since been packed).

When we're done moving, I am going to post SO many pictures of my new Man-Cave. I can't wait. Until then though, you'll kind of have to put up with a few thin posts about things like boxes disguised as stacks of books.

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