Sunday, August 26, 2012

Moving puts me in the mind of Vans I guess...

So we are directly in the process of moving homes, and I am super busy. Despite this, I am going to try my damndest to continue posting SOMETHING on here each day. Because I love you. 

So I'm featuring a pretty awesome item that I did NOT find at a Goodwill. But in staying with my second-hand geekery theme, I found it in an antique store, for 2 dollars. What was it? Here is a clue:

Image Courtesy of and American Apparel

See what it is after the jump!
It's an A-Team van produced by ERTL back in 1983!

 I packed it away before realizing this was supposed to be a pull-back toy, so I'm not sure if it works in mine or not. I'll let you know after I'm all moved in.

I really thought Murdock was the coolest member of the team back when I was a kid, and I only got to see a few episodes... but wither way, I was never a huge Mr. T fan until I saw his cartoon. But the idea of this team of guys going around helping people was one that really appealed to young me. For two bucks at an Antique Store in Ellsworth, ME, I was pretty happy to bring this home. 

See you again tomorrow guys and gals. Until then, Happy Hunting!

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