Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bag of Wonders, Revisited

Here's a quick post about a 1.99 grab bag with some pretty awesome toys in it I found a few months ago. It is also a precursor to a big post I'll drop sometime this week, about one of my most favorite Goodwill finds of all time. 

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I am always looking for toys from my childhood, so finding this bag for 1.99 was a real exciting treat for me: 

Ram-Man seems so... over-dressed.

Jackalman from the Thundercats line, plus Ram-Man and Tri-Clops from the Masters of the Universe!!! Of course there were no accessories included, as is usual with Goodwill finds, but boy these guys are great all on their own. I think I may take some time and $$$ somewhere down the road and try to get Tri-Clops's armor and sword on eBay, because he just looks so naked. Ram-Man still works perfectly, and I laughed when I saw the little lever sticking out of the back of his foot. I had forgotten what a delicate looking little mechanism it was that made him work. Jackalman's fighting action is broken, so his arms just hang limply at his sides, but he's so cool to look upon anyway that I totally don't even care. He makes the third vintage Thundercats figure in my whole toy collection, and only the first one that I've come across by chance. I paid 1.99 all together for these three guys, and I left that Goodwill feeling ridiculously happy. 

As I said before, this is a precursor to a bigger entry later this week, so stay tuned. I'll be dropping a nice juicy post about one of my absolute favorite Goodwill finds so far. 

In related news, a fellow League of Extraordinary Bloggers member, Brothermidnight over at Green Plastic Squirt Gun, is doing a series of posts on eleven wondrous finds he made recently at his own local Goodwill. He doesn't have the same sort of Goodwill experiences that I do, so he's titled the post revealing the first three items "One good trip can make up for 10 bad ones". I suggest you go over and check out what he found! It drives me almost insane with jealousy... but anyone who finds a great geeky deal at Goodwill makes me geek out as well. 

Happy Hunting!


  1. Those are great things ! Im pretty sure I have Tri-Clops armor and sword in a box of scraps somewhere , Ill take a look and see If I can find them.Yeah my Goodwill is in the doldrums. They have more empty shelf space than stock. It has lots of clothing and romance novels but not much else and its also the dirtiest store I have ever been in.

  2. Man, that really sucks. The ones around here seem like they've been making a real effort to keep clean, but we're also a semi-rural area and I think it's easier to keep stuff up when there's less traffic through the store. I make a trip to Goodwill at least once every 2 weeks, and believe me, there are definitely days when there's not one cool toy to be seen, and I think I'm going to have shit haul. Then I find some stupid little thing that makes me smile. Once every so often I have a super-haul (like you did) and afterwards I twirl around in a meadow singing "The Hills Are Alive".

    I'd definitely be interested in the sword and armor! I'd gladly trade you for them.

    1. Im in a tiny town surrounded on all sides by vast cow fields and forests so Im pretty rural as well .Im positive a good part of the problem with my store is the employs and I really think the store will close down soon. Its the only store Iv been to in years and years that the employees where smoking inside of.


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