Monday, October 20, 2014

Halloween Countdown Day 20: A Package from Laura of Boobobby Blog!

So let us reach again reach a tender, defenseless hand into the gaping maw of... The Goodwill Geek's Mailbag!!! This time around, I received a package from my friend Laura of the BooBobby Blog! She's a great blogger-buddy from way back and she always sends me the coolest stuff. Let's take a look at what she sent! 

It was a Halloween-themed package! Here's the whole pile of wonderful goodies included, but let's get a closer-looksee. Be not afeared... but march onward with me!

First up is this Dracula Burger King Kids' Club meal from 1997. He looks debonair and deadly no?

And he goes rather nicely with the other two monsters I have from the set. Now I just need Frankenstein's monster and I'll have the complete set of four! 

She included this awesome roller-coaster post card for "THE BEAST" that is perfect for Halloween too! She always includes a nice, hand-written note in all of her packages... a practice I NEED to get into the habit of myself!

This book is awesome! Georgie is one of those kids' book characters I've been aware of almost all my life. For some reason though this is the first one to make it into our Halloween reading collection. And its adorable! We received the package today, read the book to the kiddos at bedtime tonight, and now  here I am blogging about it about 45 minutes later. Such a great read! There are about 13 books that star this little ghost, as far as I can figure, and I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for more of them in the future!

Next up we have the AMAZING "Ghostly Sounds" vinyl record! This thing is gorgeous to behold! Love the fanged green guys on the back and front.

Then we have the equally if not EVEN COOLER "Sounds to Make You Shiver!" with its army of monsters flooding from a mouldering castle! These things are being hung up somewhere in the cave and displayed proudly! 

Laura also included these Fisher Price Adventure People, because she felt my "Becky the Diver" figure from the same line might be getting lonely. But she also cautioned me that these guys seemed a little sketchy... like a couple of seedy jerks at a Halloween party. (I'm NOT going to do it... but how easy would it be to head-swap blue-jumpsuited fireman guy with this guy:

And make an Adventure People Michael Myers with just a little paint? Like I said, I'm not doing it... but a guy can dream some Halloween dreams can't he? 

Finally, there was this adorable, slobbery guy. Barkley from the Sesame Street Mini Beans line! I can't even BEGIN to pretend this has a tie to the Halloween theme here... and that is exactly okay with me. Barkley just is. He doesn't have to be Halloween-y. He's pure, orange, fuzzy, manic LOVE!!! Aw Barkley. One of my fave Sesame Street Muppets.

Well kids, that's all I've got for tonight! I can't thank Laura enough and I can't stop reeling over her generosity. THANK YOU LAURA!!! I'll be back soon with more Grotesque Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Haunting!


  1. Both records are on my bucket list. I had the Sounds one when I was a child. I must have it again and frame it in Monster Cafe Saltillo. All I have is a framed picture resized to an 8x10 frame. I gotta get the real thing and ditch that one.

  2. Laura always sends the coolest stuff! Those Burger King Classic Monsters are just amazing! Fast food toys were so much better back in the day, they've really gone downhill. Every once and a while you'll see something good, like those Adventure Time Happy Meal toys, but they're rare.

    Barkly is totally all Halloweeny, with his orange fur n' all. I could totally see him jumping into a huge pile of leaves or something. Great stuff!

  3. The Beast! First Rollercoaster I ever rode....that thing was awesome.

  4. Awesome stuff! They don't make album covers like that anymore.

    Check your email :D

  5. I'm not that much of a hipster that I prefer vinyl to any other audio media, but I do appreciate the size of the album artwork.


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