Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Halloween Countdown Day 15: Payday Friday 09-26-2014

Really stretching the whole Halloween connection tonight... but honestly, I need to post a shorty tonight guys. So here we are. 

First up is the ONE truly Halloween-y item in the lot. It gets... shaky from here on out. I featured this book in my spooky pulp covers post, but now we reveal the rest of the stuff during that same purchase. I want to say again how much I am loving this book. If this is the last book I get to read from the pile before Halloween arrives, I think I will be happy with that. It is an EXCELLENT collection of old Horror fiction. Some of the stories are just weird... some are outright morbidly horrifying, while others are suspenseful. They're all pretty good either way. 

Next up is this Star Wars Jigsaw puzzle from 1977 "Trapped in the Trash Compactor! I have no idea if all the pieces are in it or not. I'm going to go ahead and guess not... but I'll probably never know either way. As a kid this was my favorite scene in the film because it scared the poop out of me. Scary trash monsters = Halloween-y.

I've begun collecting cassette tapes recently, as I've mentioned a handful of times now. These cases are to help facilitate that. I now have a total storage capacity for about 200 cassettes total due to all of the storage I've recently bought. I'll probably cool it now (storage-wise) unless I find something really cool.

I was disappointed to see that this tape does not match the case... but the cassette is way cooler than the case because the case liner notes are a reproduction. The cassette is a legit vintage copy of Station to Station. 

I don't have a ton to say about this cassette head cleaner and demagnetizer except that I now own it. 

And this AWESOME Bugs Bunny book about a giant Space Carrot is one that I owned a copy of as a kid. This was one of my favorite bedtime stories as a kid. 

So that's it. Juuuuuuust enough Halloween to justify the post... but eh. There will be more tomorrow, I PROMISE. I will definitely bring the Grody Goodwill Goodies tomorrow! Until then, Happy Haunting! 


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