Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 6: Goodwill Haunting!

Today I'm giving some props to the store that inspires this blog: Goodwill!

Goodwill (or rather their advertising people) comes up with some downright creative advertisements to bump the Halloween costume shopping traffic every year... and if you think about it, it makes sense: Where else can you go to get some cheap threads to shred into a zombie costume? Or random clothes to become well... just about anything really!? As the above ad demonstrates, there are a lot of costume choices that can be made on Halloween, and Goodwill is a great place to start looking!

I'm going to showcase some of the cooler ads they've got floating around online, and I have to hand it to them, they put their logo and the thrifty nature of their store to great use in them.

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Honestly, I picked this one just because it overlaps the store logo over Frank's face. I like the simplicity of the kids' costumes below... but I REALLY like the Goodwill store being used as a half-mask here. If you could just crop the top left corner of the image, I'd love this even more. I can see a whole series of these being done with different monsters wearing the Goodwill half-mask. 

Well, I tried. Found a different poster online with the layout slightly changed. Kinda blurry, but you get the idea. Now picture this with Dracula, or the Wolfman. Fun right?

This is an event being put on by Goodwill this year. Look at that font! And "Ghoul-" swapped out for "Good-" here is a pretty natural fit. Very Halloween-y!

Not quite as clever is the replacement of "Boo-" instead of "Goo-" but the fact that they made it into Halloween Graffiti is a nice touch. 

I LOVE this ad. Look at those kids running from those zombies! Not much about the store on here, but the use of Goodwill Haunting makes me smile. Not sure why.

I really like the simplicity of this design, with the Goodwill face turned orange, and the batwings addes, on a black and gray background. Very effective. 

Since Goodwill is all about things being second-hand, the "going green" message is clever here, with the green Halloween characters. Cute but not my favorite. 

Naked monsters! They need costumes STAT! Not really the most clever idea for a Goodwill Halloween ad... but still pretty cute. Naked monsters... heh. 

Here is my absolute favorite of them ALL though: 

This collection of Goodwill logos turned into famous monsters and Halloween characters. If this was a t-shirt, I would buy this and wear it until it fell off me in unwashed, stinking tatters. If it didn't feel like cheating, I would have totally made this into the wallpaper for the blog this month. 

Here they use the same images again, but give us some costume ideas that can be easily completed with items bought from Goodwill. Give them some credit: just reading these makes you think about browsing through the store, looking for the items to make them, doesn't it? 

I love shopping Goodwill for all my Geek needs, and that of course includes Halloween needs too. I love that the advertising gurus behind the corporation seem to get this concept, selling the store with cheap, easy, and most-importantly FUN Halloween ideas in mind. 

That's it for tonight, but I'll be back soon with more Ghoulish goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Haunting!


  1. Those are really cool! I agree, that last one would make a cool T-Shirt.

  2. For sure it should be a shirt. Why don't you pitch it?

  3. Being a design nerd, I love seeing what companies come up with for seasonal marketing campaigns, Halloween especially. You're right, that Goodwill logo monster mashup is fantastic!

    I made a quick & dirty transparent Goodwill face graphic for you:

    Maybe it will be useful for next year's countdown?

    1. Awww sweet! Thank you! I may even use it sooner!

  4. Who did the faces!!! how can I get permission to print on a tshirt!!!


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