Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 16: Take a Trip! (Halloween Edition? You'll see.)

Ohhh snap. It's League of Extraordinary Bloggers time once again! A while back we took on the assignment of our ultimate Road Trip. That was mostly real-world locales, and involved a lot of sight-seeing and wish-fulfillment for real-life me.  This time around, we're planning pop-culture trip, involving surreal locations:

So in keeping with my Halloween count-down, I came up with another road trip, this time with a distinct purpose and set of goals in mind.

We ain't afraid of no... well anythings. 
I'm going on a horror movie pilgrimage. I'm loading up the Ecto 1 with proton packs and Scooby Snacks, and bringing along some consultants and colleagues such as Velma Dinkley, Egon Spengler, Buffy Summers, the Winchester Brothers, and Cassie Hack, and I'm hitting the road Ghost Adventurers style. We're going monster/slasher/creature/ghost hunting across the USA. We'd be visiting the world most often populated with horny teenagers and ax-wielding maniacs: Every Horror Movie Ever. 

See where all of our stops after the jump!

Stop #1: Crystal Lake, Wessex NJ. I've heard there's a certain hockey-masked degenerate menacing these parts. My team and I would set up shop, trap, and nullify the menace. The tools required: a certain sweater, a body of water, and nubile young camp counselors, several ropes, nets, and pulleys.

Stop #2: Elm Street, Springwood OH. Rumors of a supernatural killer stalking teens in their dreams have been spreading like wildfire. The team and I move in on this bedtime bogeyman and trap him, entering him into the containment unit. Tools required: Just pull the sucker out of your dream and then spring the patented Ghostbuster's trap. Problem solved.

Stop #3: The Sawyer Homestead, "Rural" Texas. This one would be waaay easier to take care of. Some tear gas and a few baseball bats later, and there's one less inbred, cannibalistic hillbilly family to trouble traveling teens.

Ruby Ridged!
Aww. That wasn't funny.
Stop #4: Haddonfield, Illinois. A woodchipper that feeds into a vat of acid. Done and done.

Stop #5: Ferren Woods... Rural somewhere? This one wouldn't be too difficult, considering we'd have to actually WAKE Pumpkinhead up before he'd be a threat. This requires a ritual. With his remains. So... no remains, no Pumpkinhead. I'm thinking... some ghoulish goulash.

Rachel Rayed!
Stop #6: The Overlook Hotel, Colorado Rockies. Wait... didn't this place explode? Was that just in the book and TV miniseries? Well, if the Kubrick version still stands... 'sploding seems like a good idea.


The road trip would just... never end, as Every Horror Movie Ever encompasses a lot of travel. We'd take out Poltergeists on indian burial grounds, and werewolves in London. We'd do it all. It would be a labor of love, and honestly, I'd HAVE to get some infamous signatures along the way. 

So that's it for me! Let's see where the other League Members are headed:

- Geek Till it Hurts checks into the Lost Room.

- Q the Adult takes in a semester at Hogwarts.

- Rediscover the 80's hangs in Eternia with the Masters for a while.

- Dead Man Dan's Creepy Crypt of Terror is taking a trip to Gotham City.

I'll be back with more Ghoulish Goodwill Goodies soon enough! Until then, Happy Haunting!


  1. Wow! Thats a roller coaster ride of fright!

    1. I'll admit it. I was sort of stumped. Not my favorite League Post ever. But I do like the idea.

  2. Excellent take, I like the road trip idea, more like a top ten of places to visit. Excellent post.

  3. I would like to go to a Horror Movie Pilmigrade but... maybe not after thinking I probably would not survive!


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