Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 22: Goodwill Halloween finds!

Today I'm just tossing together a bunch of decorations I've recently bought from the Ellsworth, ME Goodwill. The selection is always a very mixed bag when it comes to Goodwill Halloween, but I've managed some pretty cool finds in the last few weeks. For instance: 

The spider problem is getting... out of HAND!!!
I'm sorry.
Here's a severed hand that has been making the rounds through the house. It's been found sticking out of the recycling bin, and may be hiding out in my new cave somewhere right now. I paid 1.99 for this beauty. As you can see, my daughter had some fun webbing it to one of the trees in front of our house... but it survived the experience, and went on to have other adventures.

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This cat will cut a bitch.
Next up is a pair of vintage-feeling (no dates on them, so I have no way of telling how old they are) window hangers. I love being that house that has the creepy old 80's style cardboard cut-out creepies up in the windows. Above we have an excellent Halloween kitty that is ready to tear up your face like it's yesterday's newspaper.

Knock-knock motherf---er.
My favorite by far is Skully here. For one thing, he looks so bad-ass framed in that window, with the colors complimenting each other. That's the definition of bad-ass right? Coordinating colors? Secondly, he terrifies the ever-loving hell out of my children. For this, I would have paid any price. But I paid: .99 cents for each of those cut-outs... which is kind of steep honestly. But I love them so much. 

No good platter jokes ON THE INTERNET.
I remember seeing these platters at Target a few years back, and just not thinking they were worth the five or six or whatever number of dollars they were originally. So... .99 cents had a much nicer ring to it. I really like the look of the monsters on here especially, and I think I may end up using this as a wall-hanging if I can figure out a good way of mounting it. I don't have a lot of Halloween items that call for a full-on platter to be honest. Hmm. Maybe that's how it ended up at Goodwill.

Remember, remember the... how does it go? 
Flimsy plastic V for Vendetta Mask back when the movie came out? 8.99. No, for real. Almost nine bucks. Flimsy plastic V for Vendetta Mask in a big heap of other masks and costume items at Goodwill? .99 cents. I'm one of those freaks who actually really liked this movie a lot, and love that I now own a Guy Fawkes/V mask.

Kitty on my cup and I wanna touch it!
Here's a pair of screeching black-cat punch cups. I like the color. I like the design of the cats. I liked them to the tune of .99 cents a piece. They look great with a couple of little battery-operated tea-lights inside them. I have a whole sort of semi-cat-themed part of my Halloween display this year, so these fit right in. 

What is this... I don't even...
What is this... I don't even... I bought this for .99 cents. It is quite possibly the most horrifying thing I bought from Goodwill for Halloween. I. LOVE. IT. Pucker up toots!

Well that's it for today guys. I'll be back soon with more Ghoulish Goodwill Goodies... until then, Happy Haunting!


  1. I agree...those lips are creepy.....

  2. I like the skull as well. Gives one a throwback feel!

  3. You know what you could do with those lips? Pin them in a frame like shadow box, like a serial killer trophy, for a super macabre Halloween decoration!


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