Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 28: LoEB: Costume Ideas!

Well, I'm a little late getting to it this week, what with the countdown kicking off and everything, but it's League of Extraordinary Bloggers time again! This week's assignment:

Well. I remember when Halloween was a big deal for sure, because at my house, in my family... it STILL IS a big deal! My family goes all out every Halloween, and we even go as a themed family group some years (see below). Note to anyone who knows me and my family, who may also frequent the blog: I'm posting pictures of myself, my wife, and my kids on here for the first time, but I am not posting their names. 

First up though, Reis, over at The Lair of the Dork Horde has been posting vintage Halloween costumes, and I recognized a few of them as being ones I wore as a child myself. So first I'll share some of my favorite childhood Halloween costumes (honestly, I think these are the only surviving pictures of my childhood Halloween costumes):

Those leggings weirded me the eff out. They were worse than corduroys.

See more after the jump!

I don't know how they even got this on me... E.T. the movie scared the piss out of me as a kid. 
Gimme the gol'-durned candy, ma'am.
And it went on like that forever, until I finally grew to a teenager and put away all of my childish ways... 

Don't... all kids go through a Hannibal Lecter phase in High School?
Never mind...  But when I grew to adulthood and I finally had a stable, adult relationship I totally left all that foolishness behind--

Which Blair Witch?
Ummm... Well, once I was a respected member of the community... a department manager at a large retail chain I just couldn't afford to be so nonsensical and silly around Halloween...

His Darth is trying to tempt my Woody to the Dark Side. Wait... No.
Come on. Really? (God I look like a total reject in that picture.) Well I can tell you that as soon as I became a father, I HAD to be a responsible, respectable adult, and there just wasn't TIME to be so GOOFY around the Halloween season... wait... there's more pictures.

Meet the Devlins!
Two vampires, Jason Voorhees, and a jar of Prego (with my third kid inside, get it?).
Give us a kiss!
The Scooby Gang!
The girls.
The boys.
I give up. I give in to the fact that I am a Geek, and a man-child, and a Halloween spirit lives inside me like no other! I LOOOOVE Halloween! Here are two of my favorite costume ideas from years past. I lost the original pictures, so I've spent today (my birthday) recreating them out of the pieces we keep stored in the Halloween bins ins storage. (My wife asked me if I'm having a nice birthday "dressing up". I love her so much. She's super hot and makes awesome birthday pancakes). 

Here's the Pig Butcher... who is a twist of fate does not butcher pigs... but is a pig who butchers:

If you look closely, there's a Twilight Zone reference on the corner of my apron...
And the Eye-Scream Man... who well... if you don't get this one... I give up. 

I like that he hangs out at the playground.
Here ya go kid... one scoop or two?
But at least it ends with me. I haven't done any real damage or corrupted my kids--

Eye Scream Man and Son. Keeping the business in the family. 

Well, this turned into more of a history of my Halloween costumes (the ones I could find pictures of anyway... if I can find my evil black and white Jester, I'll post a picture of that one too...) but there's technically ideas in there too, right? So I got my homework done! As for what I'm wearing this year? I've already got my costume ready. I'm going to wait an share it later though. I still need a couple of small things to complete it. 

If you're curious about the rest of the League and their costume ideas: 

- Hobgoblin, from the Monster Cafe showcases an awesome Vintage costume from days of yore! 

- Jamie over at Whatever I Think Of has had some awesome home-grown costume ideas as well! Check out her Seven Deadly sins!

- The Man Who Stares at Toys is indeed a man after my own heart with his Real Ghostbusters costume!

- I don't feel so bad now that I see that Dex over at AEIOU and Sometimes Why went with a personal history of Halloween costumes as well. 

Well, that's it for today kiddies! I'll be back soon with some more Ghoulish Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Haunting!


  1. Awesome post! That Prego costume is easily the best thing I've seen all week!

    (Very cute kiddos!)

  2. All costumes are really nice and you can sharing good idea about vintage Halloween costumes. At this time so many costumes are available in market but you can giving really unique costumes. Thanks for sharing a great idea about Halloween costumes.

  3. Great Post! Nice costumes!! Preggo....thats classic!! You have a beautiful family!

  4. I think we all have photos like that lurking around somewhere.
    New follower.
    Come by if you wish.
    ~Naila Moon

  5. Jeeesh man....I had and HATED that e.t. costume when I was a kid. Makes me sad to know that someone else had to suffer wearing that.


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