Saturday, December 6, 2014

Creepmas Day 6: The Abominable Snow Man!

So this year I'm celebrating Creepmas! 

From the 13 Days of Creepmas website: 

"A reaction to the continuing incursion of Christmas into Autumn and Halloween, CREEPMAS is a good-natured chance for Halloween lovers to exact revenge by bringing some spooky good cheer into the holidays or, more appropriately, the Hallowdays..." Read more about the inspirations behind this 13 day celebration HERE

CREEPMAS : A Celebration of the Hallowdays

Of all the Christmas specials from my youth, I can think of few that had disturbing elements to them more than Rudolph, the "Red-Nosed Reindeer" the show featured a villain in the form of The Abominable Snowman or as he was called by Yukon Cornelius, "Bumble"

And as with most things that traumatized me as a child, I have decided to obsessively collect and idolize Bumble ever since. 

Here is a shot of the entire collection I have at this point. Bumble even gets his own dedicated shelf in the cave separate from my Creepmas shelf altogether. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

From left to right: We have a squirter toy from a licensed 3-pack I found just last year. It also included Rudolph and Clarice, but I only had eyes for Bumble. Next we have the Garbage Pail Kid sticker-card and minikin figure for "Yeti Eddie", which is an obvious homage to the character. Up top we have my plush Bumble which I picked up a few years ago, and right below that a Lip Pops lollipop that features Bumble's toothy mug.

Next up we have the Funko POP! figure of Bumble that I FREAKED OUT when I realized they had made. It is one of my absolute favorite Funk POP! figures ever produced. Then there is the Bumble ornament I picked up at CVS back in 1999. I've always had a tiny problem with the fact that Bumble has all his teeth even though he's holding the tree-star from the end of the special, AFTER Herbie would have pulled them all out... but that's just me. Standing tall above him is the 2001 Happy Meal toy version of the Abominable Snowman, another homage to the Rankin & Bass version of the character:

After him there is a tin ornament ball featuring the face of Bumble. The final figurine is entitled "A Bumbles One Weakness" from the Enesco figurine collection. I bought it for 2 dollars on clearance at an old (now defunct) bookstore chain here in Maine called Mr. Paperback. I broke his finger off shortly after bringing him home. 

To wrap up I thought I'd share some of my other favorite versions of the Abominable Snowman: 

Looney Tunes

Another LEGO version.


The Yeti toy from Gama-Go Toys.

Skips from Regular Show.

From the Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

"Marshmallow" from Frozen

The Wampa from The Empire Strikes Back.

And a LEGO version of HIM.

Scooby-Doo's Snow Ghost

Who ALSO has a LEGO-esque figure!

Marvel's Wendigo
(Technically not a Yeti, but the cannibalistic Wendigo... but close enough, 
and Sasquatch there is a cousin as well!)

Happy 13 days of Creepmas! I'll be back tomorrow with another entry in the countdown, which may or may not involve a Goodwill Goody! Until then, Happy Hunting! 


  1. I had no idea the Bumble was that popular. Though it might explain why I was asked to draw him at my last sketch event.

    Quite an impressive collection of other Pop Culture Snowmen as well. The only thing I think you might want to add is the Abominable Snowmen from Classic Doctor Who. They're just so gosh darn adorable!

  2. Bumble is the nickname for my best friends brother so when i see one anywhere i always think of him.

  3. Great post Derek! I loved seeing all the different Yeti toys. I have a Zombie Yeti figure from Plants vs Zombies, he pretty sweet.


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