Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12 Days of Christmas Cassettes: 9 The King (Not that one)

(YES I KNOW TODAY IS LATE. Double posting today! Yeayah!)

Welcome to the Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks 12 Days of Christmas celebration extravaganza!!! (Don't send me messages telling me that the 12 days of Christmas actually BEGIN on Christmas and end on January 6th, with the Epiphany. I know. But I'm not celebrating that way... so let us quickly move along.)

So today I'm just focusing on an old classic in my family: The King himself... ELVIS. 

My family has been Elvis CRAZY as long as I can remember! My Aunt (the one who also loves Garfield) collects Elvis merchandise by the TON. She loves the man. So I grew up listening to Elvis in all his various different iterations and incarnations. This included Christmas Elvis to be sure.

And with Christmas comes an entire assortment of Christmas songs sung by the King himself. There is no such thing as a Christmas without Elvis. I honestly don't feel like sitting and listing off the tracks on these two tapes, but be assured, all of the classics are present and accounted for. "Blue Christmas" makes an appearance, "Here Comes Santa Claus" with its boppy, rockabilly beat... you name it, and its on one of these two cassettes.

Oops! Just tore off my panties and threw them at the screen. Guess I'll quit while I'm ahead. 

I'll be going right up through Christmas day itself posting, so be sure to join me back here tomorrow for more of the 12 Days of Christmas Cassettes celebration!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Hunting!


  1. I love Elvis....grew up listening to him.

  2. An Elvis Funko? Wow. They'll make models out of anything popular. I want to see if I can find some history of the company to figure out were this design came from.

  3. Sarah's developed her first "crush" and it's on Elvis. She wants Elvis posters for her room and and Elvis birthday. She's sitting next to me begging me to play the video!!! Merry Christmas, friend!


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