Saturday, April 27, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Sleepover!

It's League of Extraordinary Bloggers time once again!!! This week's assignment had me really scratching my head. 

All the places I thought of first were dangerous as hell. The Thundercat's lair? That place gets infiltrated like every other episode. 

If you're a villain... I want you inside of me.
The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning at 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center in Westchester County, New York? That place gets destroyed on a pretty consistent basis. Sidrians did it, Inferno did it, Magneto did it, The Hulk did it, Danger did it... Sentinels did it...

Hey! I can see my house from-- oh.
I also ruled out  the Bat Cave, Castle Grey Skull, 1428 Elm Street in Springwood, Ohio, the TARDIS, the Millenium Falcon, Camp Crystal Lake, a Pineapple Under the Sea, and several other pop-culture locales for various different life-threatening reasons. 

Then I thought: Where better to spend the night than in the back of the good old Mystery Machine with my favorite team of teenage crime solving sleuths? 

Then I got thinking about the logisitics:

Too cozy.
Then I got thinking about the pure fantasy:

Look at that giant set of... monsters above the van.
Then I got thinking about dog poots. 

What's in those Scooby snacks???
Wait... was that Shaggy?
So I pretty much ruled out the Mystery machine as a viable sleepover spot. How do all those kids sleep in that van anyway? Is it like a clown car? Why are they homeless? What are they on the run from? 

Then I finally thought of the bestest, coziest, happiest place I would want to spend the night. The safest, most innocent, least killed-in-my-sleep kind of place in all of pop culture:

C'mon. You had to know where this was going.
123 Sesame Street! And not just ANY apartment in that building... but the Basement apartment, inhabited by Bert and Ernie! The only real danger I could think of would be getting carried away by Boogie-Woogie Sheep:

I'd roll out my sleeping bag on the floor (we are operating under the illusion that there is in fact a floor and not a sub-space inhabited by muppeteers) and doze the night away. In the morning I'd go visit my buddy Big Bird and fight crime with Super Grover. 

AAH! Zombie!
I'd have some breakfast at Hooper's store with Cookie and the Count, and then I'd play "STOMP!" with Oscar's trash can. I'd hang with Telly and the Honkers while we watched the Twiddle-Bugs playing in their flower box. Hell. Sleepover? I might just move right in.

Where are the other members of the League sleeping over this week?

- Vikki Verka takes us on a tour of Darla Dimple's extravagant manse (from the animated film, Cat's Don't Dance)

- Rediscover the 80's wants to spend the night in  one of those types of neighborhoods that I would have rejected as "too murdery".

- The 30ish Year Old Boy wants to bunk with Chuck!

- Miss M at Diary of a Dorkette stays EXACTLY where you think she would.

- The Vault of 3D Sculpts makes the case for 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

- The Cold Slither Podcast dreams of what it would be like to be born with a Silver Spoon in their mouth.

- Pop Rewind has two VASTLY different answers in one post.

AND there have been other awesome answers, from the Batcave to the Muppet Babies' Nursery... so be sure to check out all the other entries over at Cool and Collected! And thanks to 3B's Toy Hive for the Awesome idea for this week's topic (3B will be boldly sleeping over where no man has slept over before...)

Well that's all I got kids! I'll be back soon with more Geeky Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting!

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