Friday, April 12, 2013

Goodwill Gone Bad Vol. 2

Welcome back to the newest regular feature on Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks: Goodwill Gone Bad!

To follow are a series of items that did NOT make it home with me from Goodwill. 

Bunny? Or long eared child with a butt for a face?
You decide.
I actually stood in line behind the woman who bought this item
about a week later.
She seemed to like it a lot.

Zombie gnomes.
I'm actually KICKING myself for not bringing them home and
making them into ZOMBIES!!!
If they're still there this weekend that is happening.

This is why no one likes you,
Sean Astin.

I WISH this picture was more clear.
If you can't tell , these are Poppin-Fresh neck ties.
These almost came home...
But even I have my limits. 

I have never seen a Blue Ray at Goodwill until this one.
That should tell you something right there I guess.

Give me back that fillet-of-fish! Give me that fish!

I'm here for the man who shot my...
how does that go?

Hippie figurines?
Who made these?

I was sorely tempted to pick these up too honestly...
But feet.

I'll be back soon with more (actual) Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. I have bought shoes at Goodwill before. Crocs...I am a begger...I cannot be a chooser.

    1. My wife has too and I haven't kicked her out yet, so I can't judge you too harshly...

      But Crocs? Really Hobby? Really?

  2. Ha! Big Mouth Bill Bass....Fishy, Fishy. lol.

  3. My Goodwill has the singin bass, too. Every Goodwill does. It's just science.
    You should have gotten the slippers!


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