Sunday, April 7, 2013

Goodwill Gaming Week Wrap-Up: Collectible Games AND LoEB!!!

Well it's Sunday night. I can't really see myself stretching Goodwill Gaming Week any further... even though I had 2 more posts planned for after this one. This one's going to serve me some double duty as well. Everything included in this post is up for sale or trade, to go along with this week League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment: Trading Post! I'm sneaking this in just under the deadline.

Eh. You'll see them at some point. Today I'm focusing on collectible games that I've found cast-off at Goodwill. I'm almost always surprised to find these considering how attached we geeks get when it comes to our collectibles. I'm going to be brief about each game here, but post a bunch of pictures of the entire contents of the boxes. 

First up is the X-Men Trading Card Game starter set. This is mostly based off the style of the first X-Men film, with characters that did not appear in that film included... but included in the style as if they could have been included in that first film. Just look through the card art and you'll see what I mean. I don't remember where I actually bought these, but I know I got them secondhand, and I know I got them cheap. 

Here's the playmat and the instructions.
Punch-out counters, rule book, and the back of the box.

All the character cards that were included.

Exclusive foil card still in the plastic.
Examples of other types of cards. Really look carefully at these.
See the Juggernaut? Sinister? Bishop?

A deck of Magic: The Gathering cards. This is a part of an expansion concerned with the Multiverse. The deck is a fire-themed one. There are a TON of Goblin cards included. I paid .99 cents for these at Goodwill.

One side of the instructional poster included. 
Other side.


The four non-goblin cards in the deck.
More goblins than you can shake a David Bowie at.

Next up we have a Harry Potter Casting Stones Starter Pack. I have no idea how this is even played. I didn't bother to read the instructions yet. But it already exhausts me just looking at it. 

The stuff.

Play mat.
Casting stones.

More rules. 


WTF are casting stones?
Quick Reference?

Wizards of the Coast (who also do the Magic: The Gathering cards AAAND the X-Men cards above) also did a Harry Potter collectible card game. Just looking it over it looks like it plays very similarly to Magic: The Gathering... except with... you know, Harry Potter stuff. 

Box contents.
Exclusive foil wizard/witch cards.



Included play-mat and rules.

Closer look. 
 There you have it! Let's see what some of the other members of the League were hocking this week:

- Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool is Hocking Katniss

- Secret Agent Spitting Cobra wants to get rid of his Batman Merch.

- Our fearless leader over at Cool and Collected has has some various and awesome pop-culture items to sell/trade!

- Retro Toy Safari has a literal potluck of figures and parts and pieces of action figures!

- Stunt Zombie has an assortment of heroes up for grabs as well. 

- Fortune and Glory Days also has an assortment of action and adventure heroes (and villains).

- Dex at AEIOU and Sometimes Why posts links to his haves and wants. 

- Neato Coolville has little plastic spacemen!

- Jaime at Shezcrafti goes the crazy cat lady route!

- Team Hellions has some far-out radio dramas!

- William Bruce West is just all over the board. Check it out.

That's it for my League post, and that's it for Goodwill Gaming Week! Hope you enjoyed it even though it wasn't all I'd hoped it would be. Anyway, I'll be back with some really great purchases I made this weekend at Goodwill! And you know what that means:

I'll be back soon with more Geeky Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. This totally just reminded me that I have a big ol' pile of those Harry Potter cards somewhere! Those were pretty fun (but I still can't get into Magic the Gathering for some reason)

    1. Me either. My ex-husband was obsessed with MTG to the point where he'd freak out just for breathing near his decks. He once tried to argue with me that Magic is "a sport."

    2. I used to play back when it first came out. But I never liked the random collecting part of it. If I collect something I want to see what I'm buying with very few exceptions. I'm not a fan of blind-bagged/packed anything. GPK are the one major exception.

      I still have a box of them somewhere but the idea of picking through them to see what's worth what and selling them just feels exhausting.

  2. I Had a phase in 90s where I was obsessed with collecting magic cards! I had almost the whole "Tempest" set. I think I sold em.

    1. Oh me too, but I got over it quickly. (See my comment above)


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