Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hate is Such a Strong Word: The Ghost Busters??? Not THOSE ones.

So this week The League of Extraordinary Bloggers is bringing on the hate. We are writing about:

And with no comparison I have to go with the Filmation series: Ghostbusters. Not the COOL Ghostbusters... not the REAL Ghostbusters... sigh... THESE Ghostbusters:

Side effects of viewing include: Your eyes bleeding...
out your butt.
I can sum up my initial feelings in one word: DISAPPOINTMENT. The disappointment I would experience every time I realized that the Ghostbusters coming on TV were not the good ones. The disappointment when my mom came home with a video and it wasn't the Ghostbusters I knew and loved... but this turd sandwich:

Cartoon gold!
The original TV show from the 70's was a live-action slap-stick piece of crap that lasted a very short period of time. When the Ghostbusters movie in 1984 hit it big, the owners of the copy-right (Filmation) got into legal battles over the rights to use to title, and for a short time there was even a deal worked out where Filmation would have done the cartoon starring the 4 proton-pack toting busters we all know and love. But that didn't happen and what we got instead (well in addition I guess...) was this:

A C3PO knock-off and werewolf in tennis shoes and a green unitard?
Pictured above are the villains of the show. A blend of bizarre from-the-future technologies, and undead magic... and I just don't give a crap. I'm just... disappointed. If there had never been a GOOD Ghostbusters show, then I probably would have gobbled this up. But even as a kid I thought it was weird that there was this crappy knock-off of a show I loved with the SAME NAME. I didn't know the term bait-and-switch back then... but on some level I recognized it when I saw it. And it just came off as sour-grapes on Filmation's part. Jeez you guys. Pull up your He-Man underpants and grow a pair.

Dude. The air-brushed van you used to live on just called.
It misses you.
The leader of the villains is this shmuck. "Prime-Evil". A robo-skeleton in a cloak. Aaaaand apparently he plays a killer keyboard. Seriously, this kind of looks cool... but in action I can assure you it is not. When we refer to him as "bad-ass" we are referring only to his terrible hemorrhoids.

Are those "Mom-Jeans" you're wearing?

And the toys. Well just look at this thing with its pith helmet and child-bearing hips. Every child's Christmas list must have been packed with DUPLICATE "Haunter" action figures. Who came up with these characters? Who found this guy menacing? AND HE WAS A REOCCURRING CHARACTER!!!

There was nothing NOT disappointing when the worst Ghostbusters were confused with the REAL Ghostbusters.

Don't ever leave us again.
Let's see what some of the other Leaguers are Hating on this week:

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That's it for me tonight kids! I'll be back soon with some Geeky Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. OMG I totally love both versions of Ghostbusters! lol I loved reading this! The toys to the Filmation Ghostbusters were really bad (when compared to the Real Ghostbusters) but I love Mysteria. This show was so beyond tragic. I do love all the intrigue and court proceedings that followed though. Just juicy drama. lol

    1. I hope I gave you a chuckle or two... as I certainly got more than that out of your Ball Pit tale!

  2. Now I actually like the Filmation Ghostbusters over the "Real" Ghostbusters to be honest but am a bit strange like that lol.

  3. The whole two Ghostbusters thing was weird, but RGB was definitely superior! You had me worried with the title over on Cool and Collected though, haha!

  4. Something weird happened to me because I love the Real Ghostbusters cartoon so much: I can't watch the movies, I find them awful because the actors don't look like the cartoons.
    BTW, I like Prime Evil :D


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