Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Goodwill Quick Stop. Yo-Joe!

So I stopped off at Goodwill on my way home from work tonight and I found these little guys:

G.I. Joes! This was a grab-bag of five figures. It was a quick run-through of the toy department and I just happened to notice this little baggie with Joes staring up at me from the shelf! I was ecstatic! I spent a couple of minutes looking for more baggies... but found nothing. Here's some individual shots of the figures I bought. 

Here's the 1986 Beachhead! I had this one as a kid and LOVED it. 
He was like... Snake-Eye's side-kick when I played with him. 

The 1986 Motor-Viper.
Got nothing to say about him whatsoever. 

Here's the 1987 Fast-Draw figure. 
I seem to remember having his weird bubble-wrap armored figure as a kid.
I don't think he got a lot of play though.
I'm pretty excited this one has his visor. 

Here's the 1988 version of Frostbite. 
I do remember having some of these weird, neon-colored animal printed Joes... 
but I can't remember which ones. 

Here's Roadblock from 1988, also with striped pants. 
And his helmet! 
Although if I'm being honest, I prefer him without it. 

All right... so I was incredibly impressed with myself for bringing home 5 Joes from the actual 80's. And would you like to know how much this little plastic bag full of nostalgia cost me? At Goodwill? 

.99 cents. Yes, that's right. Actually with taxes included my discount card (giving me 10% off) I got these guys for .93 cents. I left that store with 5 old Joes, .7 cents... and a smile on my face. 

Quick Stop!

I'll be back soon with more Geeky Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. Nice grab ! Joes are always worth taking !

  2. Fantastic! I would of loved to have found those Tiger Force ones of Frostbite and Roadblock but they are all awesome. : )

    You should store them in your GI Joe lunchbox lol. If you ever decided to get rid of them let me know maybe we can work a trade or something otherwise am so happy to see these guys have a great home.


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