Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 9: The 23 Items of Christmas

So... tonight's item is not my favorite... but it looks weird... and if you didn't know what it was it would look pretty terrifying.

Actually, keeping that in mind... I'm not going to tell you what it is. 


Guess in the comments. 

If you already know what it is for sure, then go ahead and say it... And honestly, this is probably not even that hard of a guessing game... but you'll score more points for more creative answers

What am I counting points for? 

No idea. 

But the most outlandish answer is the winner. Will it be you? 


  1. IDK but it gives new meaning to the term "Hogging".

  2. Isn't this the whistle used by the pigs in Animal Farm to round up the horses to their dooms at the glue factory at Christmas time?

  3. It's for sucking the middles out of pastries to turn them into donuts.

  4. All good answers. I was hoping for a few more, honestly... but these ones are great!

  5. The love child of a Salvation Army Bellringer Pig and Birdo from the Mario games.


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