Saturday, December 8, 2012

December 8: The 23 Items of Christmas

Here is the Funko Christmas Darth Vader bobble-head that my wife bought me last year. 

It is awesome and Christmas-y. I am dying... DYING to know what is in that package... and just who it is for. 

Is it for the Emperor? What do you get for the evil Emperor who literally has EVERYTHING? 

Is it for Luke, but he just can't get up the nerve to go find that kid and give it to him? Sad. 

Is it for one of the Storm Troopers? His favorite one? Which one's his favorite? 

Is it for the widow of Grand Moff Tarkin? Awwww...

We'll never know. That is all. 

Back soon with Goodwill Geese a-laying Goodies! Until then, Happy Ho Ho Ho Hunting!


  1. How big is that Vader? He looks sort of small in the pic. Other than that he looks pretty cool. Maybe he was being a good sport for a change and was playing Santa that year.


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