Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5: The 23 Items of Christmas

Today's Item? 

A Sebastian the Crab Christmas Ornament from 1989! I paid 1.99 for this little guy, and he came with original box.

This was put out by McDonalds the same year the movie came out. The Little Mermaid was the movie credited with starting Disney's animation "renaissance" and Ariel the Mermaid was hella hot (to 11 year old me) and I had a huge crush on her. I was aware she was a cartoon at the time... yes. This did not matter to me at the time. I realize now of course that things probably wouldn't have worked out between us.

I have no idea why the image with this song is a picture of Baloo's ass in his grass skirt (I see a little crack there, right? I'm not imagining that?) but here is a version of Deck the Halls sung by Sebastian the Crab.

I'll be back with more Ever-Green Goodwill Goodies soon... so until then, Holly-Jolly Hunting!


  1. Aw, Sebastian! I used to have him and Flounder. I also had a bunch of Oliver and Company ornaments at some point, also from McDonald's I think. What the hell ever happened to that stuff, I'll never know.

    Yikes! I've never heard that version of Deck the Halls before. I could only stand about 5 seconds of it.

    1. It's not nearly as awful as the Pac-Man Christmas Album... and I have to listen to that EVERY year.

  2. This last summer I bought a box of gold painted Little Mermaid McDonalds toys at Goodwill. In 1997 they had a 10 year anniversary for the Little Mermaid and rereleased the line of Little Mermaid plastic toys but they are all painted Gold. From what I read online they were mail order. Makes sense, coming in a special box with black plastic to hold all of them. Mine came with the original certificate, with a number. I was surprised when I opened it to see they were all Gold and included! I never heard of them before I bought them!! I bought them for 3.99 and put them on Ebay. That is my job is a reseller. Never know what you'll find at Goodwill!! And my Goodwill is good at having products with the original box too which I greatly appreciate.


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