Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10: The 23 items of Christmas

Today's item is a set of two books by Raymond Briggs. I found both of these at Goodwill for .99 cents apiece. 

Raymond Briggs is probably most famous for doing beautiful mostly-wordless seasonal books, including Father Christmas (pictured above), The Snowman, and The Bear, although that is in no way even the beginning of his bibliography. This first book is Father Christmas. I'm going to let the images speak for themselves. Scroll down for The Snowman.

I keep finding these Asian language books at my local Goodwill. I haven't been buying them because... well, I can't read them. But this copy of The Snowman doesn't need to be in English, because it has no words. I bought it for the pure cool factor, I'll admit. One of my all time favorite books at Christmas time. 

That's it for tonight kiddos! I'll be back soon with more Goodwill Goodies (I give up on the Holiday stuff) Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. Always loved these books, and have been reading them every year for as long as I can remember. Did you ever see the animated films of them over in the the USA? It's an equal tradition!

    Really looking forward to December 24th this year, as The Snowman has a SEQUEL on the way - it's called "The Snowman and the Snowdog". Should be good.

    1. I own the DVD with both of these films on it actually, and I'm kicking myself for not including it in this post!

    2. This year is the 30th Anniversary of the Snowman film - give yourself a kick for that one too!

      Do you have Irn Bru over there? It's a fizzy drink... Search YouTube for "Irn Bru Snowman Advert" for a giggle.


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