Tuesday, August 27, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Hello My Name is...

Hey kids! I took a break from the League last week because I just couldn't think up a good "Back to School" post... but be sure to check out what all the other Leaguers had in mind when it came to the end of Summer, and hitting the books

This week, our topic is:

This week’s assignment from the League: Hello, my name is…

So... introductions hmm? Well... here we go...

Hello! My name is The Goodwill Geek! My real name is Derek, but I prefer to use my nom de plume whenever possible when I'm online because I'm not currently "out" as a geek-who-blogs-obsessively-about-the-things-I-buy-at-Goodwill with anyone other than my wife and kids. 

This is the face I use online for most things. I don't post a lot of pictures of myself or my family... except maybe around Halloween: 

I am truly blessed.

When talking with my wife I go by "Hon," when talking with my kids, I go by "Dad" or "Daddy" depending on the kid... but when I'm blogging I am The Goodwill Geek all the way baby. 

I started this blog a little over a year ago, and I wanted it to be a place where I displayed items I bought second-hand on the cheap that geeks would be into. Most of this involves Goodwill, but I've featured lots of other thrift stores, antique malls, and surplus/salvage stores in my journeys. 

I live in Maine, which is pretty much a rural area with splatters of urban life randomly dotting the landscape. It makes it hard to collect the stuff I love "in the wild" sometimes... but boy is it "antique land" and randomly I find some pretty great stuff. 

In the course of the last year blogging I've discovered a few things about myself:

1. I am now obsessed with Little Golden Books. This is not something I'm particularly proud of I guess... but I LOVE them. 

Out. Of. Hand.

2. My Sesame Street and Muppet of obsession is growing out of control. The older the better. Books, toys, whatever. 

Ain't no party like a Sesame Street Party
Cos' a Sesame Street Party's in bed by like... 7.

3. I get more of an adrenalin rush from finding an old toy from the 80's or 90's while I'm out shopping than any person has a right to be. Action figures, toy cars, Happy Meal toys, it doesn't matter. 

Chills. I get chills. Just look at them.

I collect mostly for nostalgia. I collect things I used to own, or used to want to own. I collect things that take me back in time to when I had less commitments and less resting on my shoulders. I collect to keep myself sane. And it's probably unhealthy, and I probably need to get my priorities straight... and I probably need to stop using this blog to justify my childish behavior and finally grow up some day. 

Full grown adult and child.
You decide which is which.

But at nearly 35 years old I don't see it happening any time soon. I've only been blogging for about a year now, and it's been a heady drug that gets my blood a-pumpin'. And along the way... I've met some great folks whom I like and respect very much. People who write their own blogs and have their own weird obsessions. They're my people. And they know  my name. I don't need to introduce myself to them. This blog-o-sphere is a pretty nice neighborhood to move into. And... I like it here. 

So, for those of you who really, honestly need an introduction... Hello. My name is the Goodwill Geek. 

Let me introduce you to some of my friends in the League: 

- Hello! My name is Hobgoblin239

- Hello! My name is Jathniel

- Hello! My name is The Trash Man

- Hello! My name is CRPechonick (Hey, Welcome to the League man!) 

- Hello! My name is Erik Johnson (His artwork is to die for!)

- Hello! Our names are Lee and Linz

- Hello! My name is Charles

- Hello! My name is Laura (Thank you so much for jumping into the League this time around Laura! I hope you stick with it!)

- Hello! My name is William Christopher Joseph Mapp (Just call him Stunt Zombie)

- Hello! My name is Big J

- Hello! My name is MISS Michael 

- Hello! My name is Kal or Calvin (I'm not sure which)

- Hello! My name is Kevin (He's either a Hellion or he's pretty Decent. You decide)

- Hello! My name is (Our fearless leader) Brian

- Hello! My name is Yelinna

- Hello! My name is Natural Blonde Killer (Another one I want to thank for jumping into the League pool this week! Stick with it! And all you other readers out there be sure to check out NBK's other awesome blogs too!)

- Hello! My name is Mike (The Sexy Geek!)

- Hello! My name is Cody

Well that's it for me kids! I'll be back soon with Geeky Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. Nice post, cool to read about the man behind the blog. Living in VT I certainly relate to not having the opportunity much to find good geeky stuff in the wild but when we do, such sweet victory!

    -Cody AKA Crooked Ninja

    1. Yes indeed! Those victories are the sweetest of all!

      Thanks so much for the kind words!

  2. While I envy you guys that have space to display stuff but I don't envy having to dust it!

    1. Image of the Geek dusting his toys with feather duster.... check!

    2. I don't dust very often... it happens, just not as much as it SHOULD. Mostly stuff gets cleaned off when I readjust things, move things, reorganize things, or sort through things.

      But when I DO dust, it's in a full french-maid outfit. How's THAT for an image?

    3. It might not be so bad an image but I'm picturing it combined with the Devil costume...

  3. Okay, seriously. I may just copy and paste this to mine and just exchange Maine for Texas..... uncanny!
    That whole paragraph about collecting for pure nostalgia, Sesame Street, Golden Books, needing to grow up.... I have nothing original to write now!

    But really, cool post :) Makes me wanna snap it out now!
    P.S. I found a 1970's Applause Ernie plush for 50 cents today and peed just a tiny bit. Not enough to see ;)

    1. Unless it's a full-on pants drenching then you're just not putting in the effort.

      And if it gets you posting for the League then copy and paste away! (Although I KNOW you don't need to...)

  4. Hey Derek!:) I like your point about not being "out" about your blogging-- that's something we talk about a lot over here. I'm out (Linz) but Lee is very much against it and into his anonymity. Totally a topic we both want to explore (blog life vs. real life, I guess?)

    1. Well, I'm not religious about it or anything. A lot of other bloggers refer to me by my first or whole name and it doesn't bother me one bit... but I try to keep a low profile as far as talking about it with people I work with or people in my extended family. I don't know why. I'm not ashamed about it by any means... and people have seen my cave before (and the reactions have been positive and appreciative) I talk about the fact that I like Goodwill and I talk about the fact that I collect toys and the like... but I feel like if my work life and my blog life mixed and people read my thoughts on this stuff... I don't know. It worries me I guess.

    2. It's strange, isn't it? The people who I work with and am friends with know all about my love for comics and VHS and toys and they know I -have- a blog, but I've deflected any inquiries about what it's called or where to find it. For me, it's that I'm more self-conscious about my writing ability than I am the things I write about. I can't imagine that being a problem for you.

      Is my way of saying that I'm always envious of your posts. How you're able to write about your passions so eloquently, but still with an atmosphere of fun.

      Hello, my name is Green-Eyed Monster.


  5. Wonderful read! I enjoyed this greatly! I will keep an eye out for Golden Books and the like for you. I like those as well. What I do like a lot about your blog is that not only do you show off some cool stuff, you are also just a really nice person. You embrace everyone and I know a lot of us do that, but it is nice to still see, because the real world isn't always so kind. Take care and I hope you have a nice Friday!!

    1. Thank you very much for saying so. I'm not nearly as nice as I should be... but I'm trying. The real world isn't kind, I know for a FACT. I know from experience.

      So I will keep on trying Miss M. Thanks for the kind words.

  6. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one obsesed with toys and stuff. I think that's part of being a geek :D

    1. I know it pretty much DEFINES me as a geek. Can't really claim to be a nerd about anything... maybe mythology? But a Geek? I geek out over old X-Men knowledge, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Star Wars OT, and of course TOYS!!!

  7. Great post. It's great to learn more about you. I relate with being able to acquire something I once had or always wanted. It's part of the thrill. Never grow up sir...it's better down here.


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