Friday, August 9, 2013

Goodwill Geek Mailbag: I Won This Box of Trash... YOU GOTTA SEE.

Soooooo... yeah. There was this contest thing over at the second-best blog on the internet: Pop Pop! It's Trash Culture (It's only second best because the blog you are currently reading exists. But on the day I die The Trash Man becomes king of the internet. It's in the bi-laws. Read 'em). 

Anyway... this box showed up at my post-office. And it was HEAVY. And not in like the tense emotional sense. I mean physically heavy. I almost slipped a disc lifting that thing. We're talking turn-your-head-and-cough-please style hernia. 

Here's what it looked like when I opened that b**ch:

And I'll form the HEAD! Wearing this HAT!
It was at this point that I started hyperventilating a little bit. I had been chosen at random on the Trash Man's blog to receive what I had assumed would be a bunch of random junk. As I pulled more and more stuff out of this seemingly bottomless box that was decidedly NOT junk... I started to realize that I had become the victim of a bait-and-switch. I was not the recipient of junk at all. I was horrified to realize that I was the recipient of ALL THIS AWESOME STUFF:

Everything you see on this desk (not counting the laptop computer or the dough boy)... WAS INSIDE THAT BOX. Guys, it was like a clown car in there. Except instead of clowns trying to kill me with cotton candy ray-guns, it was AWESOME stuff trying to AWE me with... AWESOME. Let's whittle this MOB of amazing down to its components shall we? 

First up is a set of mini-figs that made me squeal out loud when I saw them. S.L.U.G. zombies!!! I only ever picked up the Christmas variants, the Series 3 Coffin pack, and I think one or two of the 2-packs from that same series. I'm hard up for series 1 and 2 zombies (and display space for them). What I was most excited by was the "Curly" zombie, which gives me two-thirds of the zombie Stooges! I just need the Larry zombie now! This also brings my "food-service" zombies up to something like... six  I think? Bizarre. And Cleopatra is just awesome. The guy on the far left is getting ready to serve up a brain like a tennis ball! Zombie love!

Next up we have a couple of the Family Dollar Joes. When I saw these popping up on fellow collectors' blogs I was sorely tempted to go track them down. Of course, when I finally got around to it, they had all disappeared. I love Snake-Eyes's color scheme here but didn't care for the bulky gray vest, so I took it off. Storm Shadow looks great too, in mostly black, but juuuuust enough white to make him... him. They're getting ready to fight here. (Spoiler Alert: Snake-Eyes is going to WIN.)

PEZ!!! I'm not even sure which of these I already have, and which ones I needed. Taz is new to me for sure. I LOVE PEZ. Some of these guys will be tossed into whatever give-away I may do in the future. I kind of feel like a putz, letting Trash Man beat me to a give-away when I've been blogging for a year. Sigh.

M.U.S.C.L.E. Guys!!! Well... at least the 5 on the left are. The 2 on the right? Those guys are from the original Kinkeshi line put out in Japan, that they later based MUSCLE on. They have slightly darker colors, and are made of the more plaint eraser-like material. I have never owned any of them before, and I was QUITE happy to receive these!!! The MUSCLE men brought me right back to my childhood. I now have around 25 of these guys total. I think I'm going to have to start actively tracking down more of them. I'm not kidding when I say these kind of hit me in the soft-spot nostalgia-wise. 

Trash-Packs!!! These are the modern-day equivalent of everything I loved as a kid back in the 80's. The gross factor, similar to GPK... the size factor similar to MUSCLE and other mini-figures... Just awesome. My oldest son is 4 and he collects these like a boss. Occasionally he gets duplicates and they disappear into my Geek cave forever. Now I have some legit Trash Packs of my very own! I think my absolute favorites are the two guys furthest to the left. The blue slug with the giant red mouth, and the gray grub with the dazed expression. Priceless. 

Here's a random assortment of other mini-figs that were included. Skip past the Smurf for a moment and look at that other little bue guy next to him. That's Jagged Tooth, an Army Ant from General McAnther's Blue Army. Army Ants are a FAVORITE line of mine, right up there with MUSCLE, Battle Beasts, and California Raisins. SO EXCITED to get my hands on this guy! Up and to the right of the ant is a figure from a line of discontinued mini-figs called Fistful of Power from the mid-aughts. His name is "Cursor". And he has a chainsaw hand. He's pretty bad-ass. The rock and roll guy on the missile skateboard is a Savage Mondo Blitzer from 1991. His name is Direct Hit. The gray monochrome guy is a Nazi officer from the BMC Toy D-Day Playset. He's pretty Nazi-ish. The last of these Unusual Suspects is a Devil finger-puppet guy. I think he's one of my favorite items to come out of this box, to be honest. Just look at him. He's amazing. Now back to that Smurf! I couldn't tell what accessory he was originally supposed to be holding, but a Google investigation turned up this: 

Image from eBay.

So now I know! 

But of course, that was not the end of the mini-figs, by any means. Top left here you have War Machine and Whiplash from the Iron Man 2 Mega Bloks sets. Next to them you have a Clone Trooper/Y-Wing Transformer (you'll see the other form below). Far right we have another favorite of mine! Storm! This is a Marvel Mini by ZAG.  Next a couple of AWESOME LEGO mini-figures! A MEXICAN WRESTLER and a GUY IN A GODZILLA SUIT!!! Two of the very best LEGO mini-figures EVER CREATED. MINE NOW. Next we have some Marvel's Avengers Chibi minis, which to be honest, I already have a complete set of. But that's okay! I now have an Agent Coulson, Iron Man, and Nick Fury Chibi miniature set to give away! Aaaand there, in the middle is a Yoshi K'Nex mini-fig!!! I am so effing impressed by the sheer volume of mini-figs in this package you guys!!!

Next up we have some packaged stuff, and some vehicles. First, a packaged Ren figure from the Nicktoons line. I've been eyeing these for some time now. I think now I am going to be forced to track down a Stimpy. ALSO!!! A Burton-era Hotwheels Batmobile for my collection!!! This one got me to shout out loud with excitement! That sucker went right up on my wall with my other pop-culture Hotwheels! In the front row, there's another shot of my Star Wars Transformer (in Y-Wing mode) a loose BttF Hotwheel, and a Johnny Lightning version of Dick Dastardly's Mean Machine. 

I don't know if readers of my blog also follow Trash Man's blog (if not, you totally should)... but one of the first posts he did over there was one featuring some weird old party favors he picked up from one of his favorite stores. I would have been CRUSHED if some of those hadn't found their way into this box... And I was NOT disappointed! The least exciting item for me was probably the pack of VR Troopers Napkins. But I'm just not a Saban live-action-stuff fan. The REST of these are AMAZING!!! Top left we have a set of TMNT party hats from 1989!!! Next to that we have Millennium Masters of the Universe Drinking cups! I loved the Millennium reboot of MotU especially the action figures. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these cups... but it will be EPIC. Finally there's an incredible package of Voltron party hats!!! Look at that image! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!

But wait!!! There's STILL MORE!!! Here is the assortment of Wax-Packs and loose trading cards I received as well! The cards up top, above everything else are Power Ranger cards. The Wax packs in the middle include Dinosaurs Attack!, Harry and the Hendersons, Weird Ball, and a 6th Series Garbage Pail Kids pack! That one GPK pack is the only one I didn't crack open almost immediately after taking these photos. It's the one item I want to keep untouched. The Harry and the Hendersons pack had almost the EXACT same set of cards that I got in the pack I remember buying as a kid. It was really strange actually. The Weird Ball cards were interesting... but not really my thing... and Dinosaurs Attack! is probably my second favorite set of Topps trading cards from my childhood, directly following GPK. I'm going to make another embarrassing confession now... finding the MUSCLE figures and the unopened GPK wax-pack had me a little choked up. Not quite full on blubbering but there was just SO MUCH of my childhood right there in my hands. It was a full on rush of memories that I wasn't expecting.

All right, the last of the loose baubles includes a handful of Double Dragon Pogs and some metallic "slammer whammers". The items in this picture that make me go completely APES**T are the SDCC exclusive GL rings promoting Blackest night. I may have another new obsessive collection to track down now. Love these. AAAaaand... the "I Saw E.T." button, which I also FREAKING LOVE. I have no idea if it's from the original release of the film, or the big rerelease... but it doesn't matter to me. Finally, there's an awesome K-9 Dr. Who keychain! It's like this box knows the contents of my soul!  

Turns out part of the reason the package was so heavy was because it was loaded with books, movies, and comics too! First up is one of these mini-books featuring a random topic... but THIS ONE IS ALL ABOUT PEZ!!! Yet another amazing item in the GIANT BOX OF MIRACLES. I feel like you guys might think I'm trying to oversell this box... but I can't even tell you how much of this stuff is just perfectly "me". 

I had to smile when I pulled out this VHS copy of "Superman The Movie". Trash Man is a big VHS enthusiast, and this is just so HIM. Probably the item that elicited the goofiest chuckle when I saw it. I don't own a VCR so this is being displayed for box art alone. It is THE item that best represents my pleasure over having won this prize package. It is truly the Oscar statuette of the whole box.

Next up are these two excellent books of two great old childhood properties. First we have "Six Guns and Shurikens" starring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is a young readers chapter book where the turtles FIND A F**KING GENIE and are transported to the F**KING OLD WEST!!! I haven't read it yet... but I certainly plan to. Then there's "Operation: Poison Dart" which is not only a G.I. Joe Book... But A F**KING CHOOSE OUR OWN ADVENTURE BOOK!!! This is amazing. I didn't know these even existed. I love that they do. I love that I now own one. I love life.

Next up, a couple of DVDs. First, another item which made me LOSE MY S**T. Neil Gaiman's Julius Schwartz Lecture at MIT? YES PLEASE. I am a complete Neil Gaiman fanatic. And I've never seen or heard this speech. I remember reading on his blog about it back when it happened... but never thought I'd get to check it out for myself. Next to that is a Troma Pictures double feature of "Psycho a GoGo" and "Rawhide Terror" which I cannot wait to watch. They look deliciously crazy. 

Next... animation!!! Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is a movie I have been meaning to watch for years because I've heard it's a classic Batman tale, and a classic in geek animation in general. Aaaand speaking of classics in geek animation... we have He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Vol. 1. 20 episodes of MotU goodness. I have a "greatest hits" DVD somewhere, but that's it. LOVE this.

I'll confess this next one is a bit of a cheat. The novelization of the movie Alien was something I noticed Trash Man had an extra copy of and asked if I could have. So he tossed it in when he sent me the package. It's still effing cool. I've really started getting into collecting old novelizations of awesome films, and this makes a perfect addition to the pile.

Here are a couple of excellent kid's books based on a couple more AWESOME properties! Darkwing Duck "The Darkest Night" and Voltron "The Deadly Flowers". So completely blown away by these! Love Darkwing AND Voltron! And since I also collect vintage 80's (and early 90's) cartoon kids books these are PERFECT for me!

And FINALLY I got to the bottom of that box full of miracles only to find these: COMIC BOOKS! Among the titles included I found 5 Spider-Man books, 5 Avengers books (including 1 Transformers crossover issue!), 4 Captain America Books, 3 G.I Joe Books, 2 Hulk books, 1 X-Factor book, and a partridge in a pear tree! I was overwhelmed by the sheer awesomeness of these cool old issues! Some of my favorite covers (I haven't had a chance to read through them all yet) have to be The White Rabbit, Speedball, and Tower vs. X-Factor covers. These ones are just amazing to behold. These are all awesome looking comics though, and I can't wait to dig into them further!

So in summation... I was floored by the sheer amount of AWESOME packed into this one small-ish (yet back-breakingly heavy) box! I cannot thank the Trash Man enough for the free loot, and I can't wait to see what else he has in store over at his blog! Trash Man, from the bottom of my heart, please know how thankful I am that I received this prize pack it is amazing. I only hope I can come up with some sort of prize pack in the future that will make some lucky guy or gal as happy as this one made me. Thank you thank you, thank you. 

WELL. That's it for me tonight kids! I'll be back soon with some Geeky Goodwill Goodness! Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. Holy Cow! Thats a huge mix of awesomeness!

  2. Wow! I gotta get better friends...

    1. No, you need to enter better contests... and probably move to the US. I can only imagine what the shipping on this would have been to Mexico.

  3. Daaaaaaaaaaaa*breath*aaaaaammmmmnn!

    In a way, I'm glad I didn't win that. Too much stuff for me! Congrats

    1. There's No. Such. Thing. as too much awesome.

      Tell yourself whatever you need to if it helps you get by.

  4. I appreciate all the kind words and I'm very glad to see that you enjoyed all the stuff.

    In the process of getting things together for this month's contest, but I'm not sure it'll be nearly as good. Also, already set aside a couple items for October's. Totally gearing up for Halloween.

    1. Well, it was incredibly generous, and even if you don't go as NUTS in the future as you did with this first one, I think whomever wins it will be very thankful. You also run an awesome blog, and I hope you keep it going for the foreseeable future!

      I am putting together a Halloween package for Dex's Great Pumpkin gift exchange over at the when/if he does it again this year. You should sign up for it and save your give-away for October to go out in the exchange!

  5. Holy crap. That is too awesome. I just saw his latest contest and I got to enter now. Great swag.


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