Friday, January 11, 2013

The Green Lantern Action League and Reis O'Brien's Contribution to my Madness

So here goes. It's time I rejoined the blogo-sphere, and I can't think of a better way to do it than to showcase a trade I made a while back with Reis O'Brien of the Dork Horde. Back in his October State of the Horde Address, Reis posted a picture of some California Raisins that I had sent him.

Believe it or not, I did not send them to him out of the kindness of my altruistic heart. I happen to know that Reis has mad artistic skills, and I used the raisins to commission a custom figure I desperately wanted to help round out my collection of Green Lantern Action League mini-figs.

So before the big reveal, I want to show off the rest of my collection. Here's my Green Lantern Corps, including Guy Gardner, Kilowog, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Tomar Re, all in the Action League style. Up front there, by Kilowog, we also have B'Dg, who is actually an Imaginext figure, but whom fits in so perfectly that I had to have him. 

Here are my Sinestro Corps members, Arkillo, Sinsetro, and Low. I love that they actually made enough yellow lanterns to call it a Corps, although of course I would have loved even more. Kryb anyone?  

Here are the lone-wolves, Blue Lantern Saint Walker, Orange Lantern (aka Agent Orange) Larfleeze, and Black Lantern Death Storm. Death Storm is one of my least favorite toys... ever. I wish they had just made Black Hand and been done with it. 

I also have Red Lanterns Atrocitus and Zilius Zox:

But for the longest time they seemed terribly lonely. A duo does not a Corps make after all. I desperately hoped that after the Imaginext Oa playset came out, and they had mad a B'Dg figure... that this guy might not be far behind:

Dex-Starr!!! My favorite Red Lantern of all time! Well... so Imaginext didn't make a Dex-Starr, but they DID package THIS figure in with the Imaginext Catwoman figure:

So I got this idea... I know people on the internet now... artistic people. People who might possibly be able to customize my black cat into another cat... And so now I am the proud owner of this mean looking little fellow:

He came in the mail about a week or so ago, and I have not gotten around to blogging about him (or even thanking Reis for the beautiful job... THANK YOU REIS O'BRIEN!!!) until now. But I think he's AMAZING. 

Here he is with the rest of the Red Lantern Corps. I think they make quite the terrifying triumvirate. 

Here's everyone together on my shelf, right below my Californian Raisins collection. 

And here's B'Dg facing off against Dex-Starr. 

So Mattel: Here's what I'm asking. I want an Action League Black Hand, Star Sapphire, and Indigo-1. Throw together an exclusive 3-pack for SDCC or something. Complete my collection of Lanterns. 

Image by Artistic Enigma on Deviantart
Although I'm thinking... there is an Element Woman Action League figure:

How hard would it be to repaint her into some version of a Star Sapphire? 

Now I just need to track her down... and feed Reis some more Raisins.  

So this was a decidedly NON-Goodwill related post... but I'll be back soon with more Goodwill Goodies. Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. Those are some really cool figures. Congrats on getting Dex-Starr

  2. Reis always does amazing work and your lanterns collection is great! : )

  3. Reis is super talented. That's a truly awesome custom fig. Congrats! (And welcome back!)

  4. Aaaawwww yeah! He looks good up there with the rest of your Red Lanterns! Glad you like him, brother. It was super fun working on him while listening to lots of Black Sabbath. I'll post about the raisins soon. :)


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