Thursday, January 24, 2013

Internet Heroes Unite! Help Me Identify These Mystery Toys!!!

Help me Internet Kenobi... You're my only hope! I have these four figures that I need all of my most powerful internet friends to help me identify! 

First up is this weird alien/mutant figure. He looks like he's melting, has a hole blown through his chest, his feet don't match, and he has a tiny skull growing out of its belly button. There are absolute zero markings on this guy. No dates, no company stamps, not even a "china". I would really love to know where he's from.

This Greek (I thought Roman at first, but now I'm going Greek) archer figure is another cipher.  He looks like he's from a cheap bag of roman soldiers, possibly included with a play set or something. Again no markings. Nothin'. Nada. Please tell me you recognize this soldier. I want to know where he came from. 

UPDATE: Eric Stettmeier of Toyriffic fame has given me a possible lead. He once upon a time found a Minotaur figure that matches this archer in style. Most likely from the same set or series of toys. He mentions it in the comments below, but there's a picture of it on his blog. Check it out! 

This is my most burning mystery. I've owned this figure for over 10 years now. I bought him at a yard sale. Again, no markings on him, but he's a bird-headed warrior figure. He's pure awesome. He also has a hole through his hand to hold a sword or spear or something. I suspect he was designed to ride on something else's back, because he cannot stand on his own, and well, look at that gait. I can't tell how old he is, or ANYTHING. 

This is a more recent find from Goodwill. I love his look and style. He feels retro (... 90's maybe?) with the collar and leg belt. He's more of a rubbery plastic than a hard plastic, and yet again, he has not one single indicating marker on him. I cannot even imagine what he could be from. 

Here they are in my "oddball figures" group, on top of my CD tower. Don't they look nice? I actually need to get my Simon Garth Zombie figure out of there. He's just not "oddball" enough. 

HELP ME INTERNETS!!! I desperately need to know where these figures came from!!!

I'll be back soon with more Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. That last figure reminds me of the characters on the Buck Rogers TV show or at lest there uniforms. Any relation? I have no clue heck he could be part of the Black Hole movie or Space 1999 show. I will have to see if I can dig anything up on it and the rest.

  2. I know this is no help....I haven't the slightest idea...

  3. The blue alien MIGHT belong to a line that I had problems identifying a similar toy with:

    (Post #33 onwards)

  4. Oooh, oooh, I know I know I know I know!

    No...wait. Actually I have no fucking idea.

  5. I had a Minotaur once that matched your soldier.

    I seem to recall someone somewhere telling me he was part of a playset from the nineties, but I don't recall much else, and that may just be conjecture. Regardless, I think I gave the Minotaur to Reis at some point, so maybe he looked into it deeper and knows more now.

    1. Even just that picture of it... that's something new to go on. I can't find red plastic Roman (Or Greek maybe. I think he looks a bit more Greek now that I think of it. I've been searching both at any rate.)archer figures online ANYWHERE.

  6. This site contains a lot of different Roman toy soldiers for sale:

  7. The Greek archer for some reason is put into a bag of same size medieval figures which I have bought here in UK or picked up in boot sales, charity shops etc. I have several of them now and use them with my Greek equivalent (Supreme Greeks) figures. They are made in china. Are larger than the standard 1\32 or 54mm figure and are more like 60mm in scale which makes them much taller in scale with the 54mm. They usually come in plastic header bags with a toy catapult on wheels. And the out of context medieval foot knights and knights on horses. I hope this solves it!


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