Monday, September 24, 2012

Young Guns!

It's League of Extraordinary Bloggers time again! And since I've missed the last two topics due to moving, I have been itching to get in on some of the golden League-y goodness!

What's the topic this week? Young Guns!

What hasn't been done before I ask you? We've gotten stories detailing the youths of the gang from Star Wars, young Superman (two TV series!), and even the Muppets baby-hood has been done before. A Pup named Scooby Doo takes out another of my staples... And they've done a junior Inspector Gadget cartoon too! Even boardgames like CLUE have junior versions of their characters, stealing each others's pets and lunch money! There's a series of YA novels telling the story of Junior James Bond... so what's left? Hannibal Lector... done to death. The Flintstones Kids? So stone age. Alien got a prequel in Prometheus... we got to see what happened in the future/past of Terminator... Batman's had about twenty versions of Year One... Starfleet Academy... we've seen Mario and Luigi as babies... even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did an episode with them as kids. What is there left to do?

I suppose I could go with...

See my Young Guns after the Jump!


Stay with me here. I loved this movie, but I felt it was a little lacking in well... monsters. I mean, the five main character monsters were great, but I really wanted to see more monsters working for their government agency. 

What better way to showcase a few fresh faces than to go back in time and show the eraly days of the agency, back when Link, BOB, Insectasaurus, and Dr. Cockroach were all first recruited? It could be a sequel with a heavy set of flash-back sequences to introduce a bunch of old retired monsters who no longer work for the agency. In this way, maybe an old monster could be introduced as a new villain, out to destroy the current monster roster... and an alien could become an ally, preserving the Monsters vs. Aliens theme.


Yeah... they'd have to polish it a bit... Anyway, the set-up be damned, here's an opportunity to show the birth of BOB:
Kids love slime!
The transformation of Dr. Cockroach:

More slime!.
The old beach stomping grounds of Link:

He looks pretty slimy!
And the discovery of Insectasaurus: 

Less cute more slimy.
And... Mom? I just really wanted a Mothra picture.
We'd see the team before Ginormica showed up, and maybe even see (or not see) the Invisible Man, referenced in the first film.

Check out what some of the other League Members are prequeling:

- jamielynq over at Q the Adult decided to explore the Young Sherlock Holmes idea a bit before settling on something I personally found brilliant... a JK Rowling Prequel starring the Marauders (Harry's Parents, friends, and enemies back at Hogwarts)!

- ShezCrafti wants to explore the Toddler Mutant Ninja Turtles Concept more in depth. She makes some pretty convincing arguments for why that particular tunnel of the sewer should be re-explored.

- Jason over at Rediscover the 80's goes in a slightly different direction with a "Sons of" approach to the Dukes of Hazzard.  


  1. I've never seen Monsters vs. Aliens, so I don't really know what to say about it, but it looks cute. I will, however, not waste this opportunity to say that Jeff Goldblum was insanely sexy in The Fly--at least from the neck down. You can have fun guessing whether I mean before or after his transformation.

  2. this is a heck of a concept- I never would have thought of this one, wrack my brain and video shelf though I might!

    1. Thank you! Good luck... it took some real wracking to even come up with this for me... There are just so many properties that have already been explored.

  3. How can you relate the young
    Guns with Aliens ?


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