Thursday, September 20, 2012

He's baaaack! Sort of... and Quick Stop!

So the family and I are finally moved into the new house, and we finally got internet/phone/TV hooked up. Here's the Goodwill Geek, back in all his glory! Sort of... I'm posting today, and then I'm probably going to drop off the grid for another day or two. I will be back for League of Extraordinary Bloggers Monday for sure, but getting myself, my wife, and three kids all settled in and happy has been (and still is) a chore. So posting will still be sporadic for a while.

Today I'm going to focus on a Quick Stop I made back before we were in the full-swing of moving homes. 

See the haul in detail after the jump!

So yeah, remember there's ALWAYS books. This book by Nancy Farmer is the sequel to an awesome book called The Sea of Trolls. I picked this up for half-off for 1.50.

I haven't noticed lot of Ian Fleming novels out there while I'm Hunting, believe it or not. So seeing this 007 novel "Doctor No" was pretty exciting. I genuinely look forward to reading one of the original adventures of James Bond in black and white. I also love the updated cover. I picked this up for .99 cents. 

What's this? Only the most amazing Choose Your Own Adventure book ever written. This is an actual murder mystery in the style of CLUE or Colonel's Bequest. But... in... CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE FORMAT!!! This little sucker is from 1981, and really stands out as an incredible entry in the CYOA hall of fame. I got it for .99 cents.  

Finally, I bought this vintage ViewMaster for 2.99 but... I'm not sure if it's from the 80's or what. I just love old ViewMasters. Now I need to start finding some old ViewMaster discs. If anybody out there has the old Scooby Doo one with the Snow Monster at the saw mill... I'm lookin. 

It's good to be back guys, even if it's going to be a bit wobbly at first. I'll be back soon with more Goodwill Goodies (I've got a couple of Payday Fridays to catch you guys up on... and October's COMING!!!), and until then, Happy Hunting! 


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