Sunday, September 30, 2012


So it's the night of September 30th, and you all know what that means:

Tomorrow is the first day of October! It tells us it's time to hang the Halloween stockings by the witch-burning pit with care... and it marks the beginning of the Goodwill Geek's Countdown to Halloween as well.

I am going to be trying (but will not 100% commit) to post something every single day next month leading up to Halloween. I'll not only be featuring items I've purchased at Goodwill, but items I already own, favorite movies, cartoons, books, treats, costume ideas, etc... I can't wait. I dread the amount of work it represents, but love-love-love the season I'm doing it for. Halloween is my #1 holiday folks. I love Christmas too, but it takes a close second. There's something I love about the dark, crisp feeling of Autumn, and the spirit it invokes.

So I'll be around... with plenty of Goodwill Goodies, among other things... so until then, Happy Goodwill Haunting!

UPDATE: The Halloween Stockings pictured above are not mine. I got the picture from the internet. So I've linked to the original site I found it. I've found some other examples of Halloween stockings and here are those, just because everyone seems so interested.. Click on them to follow the links:


  1. Love the Halloween stockings! What a great idea!

    1. I totally googled that and found the picture. I was going to do a whole thing making Halloween seem like Christmas, but never got past the stockings. Just the fact that someone somewhere made those makes me smile.

      We have a visit from the Great Pumpkin for our kids at my house every year. He comes while we're out Trick or Treating, and the kids get to see what small goodies he brought when they get home. I play him up as a sort of creepy Santa though. They aren't allowed to make requests of him like they do with Santa, because he's unpredictable and wild, and not at all a saint. He's not outright evil, but I've alluded that you would not want to do anything to anger the Great Pumpkin. They get all wide eyed at that and I won't elaborate any further.

  2. Halloween stockings!!! How have I not thought of this?! Such a fun idea. That's why I love the Countdown list. I find so many great Halloween ideas from fellow bloggers.

  3. Full disclosure though: These are not my idea. I just googled "Halloween stockings" and this was one of the things that popped up. I'm going to link to the original.


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