Thursday, September 27, 2012

E.T.'s Secrets, Laid Bare For All To See!

So just a quick update tonight, and a shout-out to "Anonymous..." who helped me out with a mystery (That I admittedly haven't investigated since...) from the very first entry of this blog:

Hole-Ee Shee-Ett
The origins of these E.T. mini-figures:

This anonymous hero sent me a comment on that post and pointed me in the direction of TRUTH!!!

Learn more after the jump!

Heroic "Anonymous" sent me a link to this eBay listing for the E.T. board game

With that, I began a rousing (actually sort of lazy) search for the E.T. board game on Google, and found a few great images belonging to other blogs: 

This picture was found over at Brown That Banana! (Is that a reference I should be leery of?) 

So... mystery solved! Thanks Anonymous! Now I wish I had one of those plastic blanket things! 

I'll be back with more Goodwill Goodies soon enough! until then, Happy Hunting!

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