Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Dream Catcher Antique Mall

Today I thought I'd feature a local establishment in Ellsworth Maine, near where I live. It's an "Antique Mall" that boasts three different floors and "Over 50 Local Dealers". 

I don't shop here too often, as the prices are not terribly reasonable, and the stock doesn't switch out very often (I think there may be a connection between these two details...).

Anyway, there's a dealer in the upstairs portion of the store that specializes in action figures, comic books, and vintage toys. I thought I'd show off a handful of the stuff I've seen there and have been drooling over.


  1. Yup...I would drool over that stuff myself.

  2. A Fortress Of Fangs! But it's looks to be missing the big Demon thing that sits on top but still cool. What was the price on it if I can ask? One of my local places I go to has one but he won't give me a square price on it so I have passed on it so far but if it's still there next time am out there I might try and talk him down to a decent price. My Warduke needs a Fortress darn it lol.

    1. Actually if you look really closely you can see the price tag hanging in front: 125.00

    2. Yikes! At that price that better be complete or near to.


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