Tuesday, February 12, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers: I Love...

It's League of Extraordinary Bloggers time again, and this week's League topic is:

I love pop culture

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And I'll be honest, this wasn't strictly "stream of consciousness" writing, but it was as close as I could get. I went back and slipped in author names, and moved stuff around by category a bit. I just couldn't handle all the chaos... and it needed pictures. I discovered I love a lot of stuff. Way more than someone ought to love, probably. 

Like this. This for instance.
I love my wife and my three kids. I love my Aunts and my wife's cousins. Those people are my family. I love the things that make my life real and semi-stable, like my house, my job, my car, my friends. But those things should go without saying. Those things I love so much that the love is bigger than anything else I love, and it eclipses everything else. 

Beyond the big stuff... this may take a while. 

I love horror. 
I love Freddy and Jason and Michael Myers. 
I love zombies. 
I love the Walking Dead, and the Evil Dead, and Dead Alive, and Dead Snow, and the Night of the Living Dead, and Dance of the Dead, and Dawn of the Dead, and Shaun of the Dead, and the Return of the Living Dead, and... and... Zombieland. 
I love SE7EN and Scream, and the Descent. 
I especially love the movie V/H/S. 
I love Bubba Ho-Tep.
I love sci-fi/fantasy. 
I love the X-Files. 
I love Fringe. 
I love the first 2 Alien movies.
I love Indiana Jones.
I love the Goonies.
I love the Terminator. 
I love District 9. 
I love PUSH. 
I love ALF. 
I love cryptozoology. 
I love Bigfoot. 
I love chupacabra. 
I love the Mothman. 
I love the Jersey Devil. 
I love the Mongolian Death Worm. 
I love Nessie. 
I love books! 
I love Illusions by Richard Bach.
I love the Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey. 
I love Heart Shaped box by Joe Hill. 
I love Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. 
I love The Perks of being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.
I love The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon.
I love Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer.
I love Halloween. 
I love costumes. 
I love The Nightmare Before Christmas. 
I love the Headless Horseman. 
I love fun-sized candy bars. 
I love jack o'lanterns. 
I love the Halloween Tree. 
I love the movie Trick R' Treat.
I love and red and gold leaves. 
I love kids walking down the sidewalk excited and happy for one dark but harmless (or is it?) night.
I love cartoons. 
I love the Thundercats. 
I love Regular Show. 
I love Inspector Gadget. 
I love Scooby Doo. 
I love Darkwing Duck. 
I LOOOOOVE Gravity Falls. 
I love Batman the Brave and the Bold. 
I love Aeon Flux. 
I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the original and the current series). 
I love Robot Chicken. 
I love The Real Ghostbusters. 
I love Adventure Time. 
I love some live-action "cartoons" like Pee-Wee's Playhouse and Yo Gabba Gabba.
I love the Muppets. 
I LOVE Sesame Street. 
I love urban legends and hauntings and dark history. 
I love Typhoid Mary. 
I love Lizzie Borden. 
I love Jack the Ripper. 
I love the Bunny Man Bridge. 
I love the hook-handed man. 
I love Spring-Heeled Jack. 
I love Bloody Mary. 
I love comic books.
I love the X-Men.
I love Batman. 
I love the rainbow-colored Lantern Corps. 
I love Spider-Man. 
I love iZombie. 
I love Planetary. 
I love the Ultimates. 
I love Leave it to Chance. 
I love Promethea. 
I love Hot Stuff. 
I love Ex Machina. 
I love the Fantastic Four. 
I love Astro City. 
I love Courtney Crumrin.
I love The Goon.
I love Y the Last Man. 
I love Hawaiian Dick. 
I love Watchmen.
I love a really good indie film. 
I love Punch Drunk Love. 
I love Brick. 
I love The Royal Tenenbaums. 
I love Reservoir Dogs. 
Did I mention I love Bubba Ho-Tep?
I love Joss Whedon. 
I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 
I love The Avengers film. 
I love Firefly. 
I love Cabin in the Woods. 
I love the Astonishing X-Men. 
I love Dr. Horrible.
I love Pixar. 
I love Toy Story (1,2, and 3).
I love Brave. 
I love Ratatouille. 
I love a Bug's Life. 
Yes, I even love Cars. 
I love Monsters Inc.
I love UP.
I love WALL-E.
I love Neil Gaiman.
I love Neverwhere.

I love The Graveyard book.
I love Mirrormask.
I love Coraline.
I love The Sandman.
I love Stardust.
I love Smoke and Mirrors.
I love Fragile Things.
I love American Gods.
I love mythology and legends and folklore.
I love Medusa and Stheno and Euryale. 
Image by Matt Rhodes
I love Trolls under bridges.
I love the Four Riders of the Apocalypse. 
I love Anubis. 
I love Bluebeard.
I love Rawhead-and-Bloody-Bones.
Image from 'Strange Lands' by Andrew L. Paciorek
I love Trickster Raven.  
I love toys! 
I love Masters of the Universe. 
I love Madballs. 
I love M.U.S.C.L.E.
I love Little People. 
I love Happy Meal Toys.
I love toys of ANY advertising mascots, the Noid, Cap'n Crunch, etc. 
I love toys from any of the cartoons, movies, or TV shows I love above. 
I love Hasbro Heroes figures (Galactic Heroes, Combat Heroes, Adventure Heroes, Robot Heroes, Super Hero Squad).
I love kid's books. 
I love Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.
I love Frog and Toad. 
I love Shel Silverstein. 
I love Dr. Seuss. 
I love Little Golden Books. 
I love Henry and Mudge. 
I love Jane Yolen. 
I love The Lost Playground by Patricia Coombs.
I love Jack Prelutsky. 
I love Mr. McGee and his little dog Dee. 
I love I SPY books. 
I love Where's Waldo. 
I love Chris Van Allsburg. 
I love Steven Kellog. 
I love thrift stores. 
I love flea markets.
I love rummage sales. 
I love yard-sales. 
I love garage sales. 
I love penny sales. 
I love church sales. 
I love finding geeky treasures at Goodwill! 

I also love what other members of the League Listed for Loves:

Well that's it for the love-fest folks. I'll be back soon with more Goodwill Goodies. Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. I'm dittoing most of these (except Punch Drunk Love, but that's a discussion for another time.) Also, I extra love Neverwhere. Great list!

    1. I think Neverwhere is one of my all time top 10 books. It may be close to or in my #1 spot. Best. Ending. Ever.

  2. Replies
    1. Warts and all. I realize it's not a perfect movie. Some of the visuals are a little hinky. But love wht they were trying for and I love the parts where they actually succeed. Best cover of the Carpenter's "Close To You" EVER... and the monkeybird scene is breath-taking. There are some other really great scenes, and plenty that don't quite make it... but I feel like truly true love is sometimes accepting the bad with the good. I think it hits all the right notes of a typical Gaiman story.

  3. Some year I'm going to do that Spring Heeled Jack for Halloween. I've been admiring it for years.

    1. That's a great idea. I lose like... 50 or more pounds and I might try it sometime.

  4. Man, you are full of it -- love that is. ;)

    I'm exhausted just looking at that list. There's plenty to love in there!

    1. Thing is... I keep thinking of things I left out. I stuck pretty close to just pop-culture loves here, which almost makes me feel a little superficial. I left out things like " the sound of rain on the roof on a Sunday morning when I don't have to get up" or "going through the car- wash with my kids" or "when our pet bunny jumps in my lap to cuddle". I'm just oozing love out every orifice, let me tell you.

      Wait... No.

  5. tl;dr - You love everything. Ok, got it.

  6. I... may have gotten... carried away.


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