Monday, July 15, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers: ROBOTS

DANGER!!! DANGER!!! It is time for another edition of League Extraordinary Bloggers! That's what happens when I submit late on one week and then early the next!

What's the topic this time around? 

league robots

As with many of Brian's one-word themed topics, I started off by scouring the cave for any signs of robots in my various collections. Here's what I turned up at first: 

First up my meager collection of McDonald's themed food-transforming-robots from 1989. I won't go into what all of their names are, as I plan on exploring my McDonald's Happy Meal toy collection at a future date... but here they are. Some of these I got back in February in a Goodwill grab-bag for 2.99. The rest I either got from my brother-in-law, or bought from Brian over at Cool and Collected!

Here are most of the Transformer toys I own. A slew of Optimus Prime toys and then a set of Hasbro Robot Heroes mini-figs. You may notice in the crowd a bubble-bath bottle Optimus Prime, a Happy Meal toy Optimus Prime, a pair of Rescue Bots figures (O.P. and Bumblebee), a Mighty Mugg Optimus Prime, and a Beast Wars Quickstrike toy in the back. I was a HUGE fan of all the Hasbro Heroes lines when those were still selling (Robot Heroes, Combat Heroes, Adventure Heroes, Galactic Heroes, and Super Hero Squad) and was crushed when the discontinued a line without releasing a classic Ratchet figure. 

Finally, here's my Galaxy Force Star-Scream, which I featured last September. I absolutely adore him. I picked him up at the Brewer, ME Goodwill for a total steal. 

Here's my collection of wind-up vintage-repro robots and a few other miscellaneous generic robots. Anyone know who the loose torso belongs to (second on the left)? None of these are vintage but a few of them look it. I love the old-style feel that many of these guys have. A bunch of these were actually gifts from my wife. Others were just random buys that struck my fancy. 

Here are some of the robots I had to dig around for... a random assortment of Heroscape Robot figurines, a couple of Astroboy figures, a mutant killing Sentinel, General Grievous and a Fisher-Price Adventure People X-Ray Man whom I have always believed was supposed to be a translucent android due to the panel on his chest. 

And here? Here is EVERYONE else. Rolie-Polie-Olie, the giant robot from Monsters vs. Aliens, Ultron and Vision, Sparks, Fugitoid, a Sigma Six Sky-B.A.T. (sans wings, which I prefer), Roboto, C3PO and R2D2, IG-88, Red Tornado, a WALL-E action figure, an EVE PEZ dispenser, Voltron, Robot Chicken, and not ONE but TWO Metal-Heads!!! (Plus one little blur bubble-gum dispenser robot guy with no name that I know of...) I got these from so many different sources I can't even begin to tell you, but some of them definitely came from Goodwill, others from Toys R Us, a bunch others from other secondary market sources. 

I THOUGHT that  this was all the cave would yield to me for robots... but I hadn't counted on books AT ALL. I didn't comb through EVERY book I own that has robots in it, because that would have taken forever... but I remembered one very special purchase I had made a Goodwill the weekend before Father's day. This:

What does a Donny and Marie Little Golden Book have to do with Robots you may ask? (Why does a Donny and Marie Little Golden book exist at all the rest of you may ask?) Well, let us take a look inside and we shall just see: 

 Seems that Donny has a Top Secret project brewing. What is it? Well, obviously, the Osmonds are the founders of Cyberdyne Systems because DONNY IS BUILDING A STRAIGHT UP TERMINATOR.

Except his building skills are for S**T. So what does Marie do? She shows him up like he's her bitch. 

Then it's revealed that Marie did not in fact build a Terminator of her own, she simply turned their younger brother Jimmy Osmond into a Six-Million Dollar Borg-slave. 

So that is the width and breadth of the ROBOT contents of my Geek Cave. Let's see what the other members of the League have built in their robot shops: 

- Over at the Nerd Nook, Rich counts down his top 10 favorite Pop-Culture robots.

- Shawn Robare over at Branded in the 80's shares with us the sordid Hollywood secret of the bastard child of Star Wars' C3PO and Metropolis's Maria... forced to shill VCRs back in the 80's. Yes that is a sentence I just typed.

- Jamie at Whatever I Think Of! features Hymie from Get Smart.

- Vikki Verka features some favorite kaiju fighting mechas.

- Charles over at Geek Show Ink features an excellent TOMY wind-up robot that he used as a muse...

That's it for me tonight kids! I'll be back real soon with more Geeky Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. The Turbo Cone! I love those McDonalds transforming toys! Those were the best things ever. I have a few of them, but the Turbo Cone is my favorite. You have a lot of robot stuff! Like a lot! I love it.

    1. Thanks very much! I was very excited to see that the topic was robots this week for this VERY reason!

  2. The McDonalds Changeables are by far my favourite Happy Meal toys of all time! Can't wait to see more of your McD collection!

    1. I never actually got to own any of them myself as a kid, but I'm more than making up for it as an adult. I will be doing a whole post on my collection of Happy Meal toys very soon actually! Keep your eyes peeled!

  3. That Donny and Marie book is a great find, and I love your commentary on it. I do suspect that the Osmonds, like the Borg Collective, share a consciousness.

    1. Thanks very much! I'm all over the place with how I write the blog, and I still haven't found a consistent "voice" to write in, but from time to time the comedy muse inspires me and I try to get a little goofy.

      And watch what theories you post about the Osmonds. They monitor the internet and eventually one of these jokes is going to end up being true...


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