Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Non-Goodwill Purchases

Not everything the Goodwill geek buys is actually from Goodwill. In fact... not all of it is even second-hand. I do occasionally buy things for full-price elsewhere. Let me show off some of my recent purchases. 

Jaime Hood over at Shezcrafti tipped me off to these Bicycle Zombie Playing cards back in April. I bought them just a few weeks later for myself and I was NOT disappointed. Go check out her review to find out more about them. 

I FINALLY got a copy of Kill Bill Vols. 1&2 on DVD... and then realized for about 5 bucks more I could have gotten them both on Blue-Ray. Sigh. But I'm a big fan of these movies, so I don't really mind what format I'm watching them in. 

Picked up the first trade of Ben Templesmith's Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse: Birds, Bees, Blood, & Beer second-hand at Bull Moose Music in Bangor, Maine. They sell both new and used-but-like-new books/DVDs/games/CDs/everything. I've been dying to check out this series for a long, long time now, about a maggot who controls a corpse like a marionette in a city of supernatural characters... I haven't read it yet but I look forward to it at the very least for the art. 

Finally got around to checking out Brian K. Vaughn's new space-opera-slash-new-parent-rom-com. I feel like this first volume stumbles a bit. It feels like Vaughn is setting absolutely zero limits for what he might include in the story, which just makes every new crazy thing feel a little mundane after a while... and the bits where he shoe-horns in parenting conversations from our own modern society (statistics about gun safety, hemorrhoid jokes, breast-feeding pros and cons) feel a little anachronistic. Overall though I do like the pacing of the story and the characters have been fun. I've heard some of the controversy over the sexual content of the series and I will say that it's weird how much sex is included in a story about new parents on the run through the galaxy. It feels like the creators are trying to work out some sort of issues. 

I picked these up for a dollar apiece from some machines at a bounce-house play-palace place they have near here that we sometimes take the kids to. LOVE THEM. Each of my boys got their own Venom and Thing to play with as well. 

As a big fan of mini-figures as well as Transformers I was pretty excited to find these Rescue-Bot mini-figures at Toys R Us for a stunning 1.99 apiece. I was a huge fan of the Hasbro Robot Heroes line when that was being put out, and now that Rescue-Bots have sort of taken their place it's nice to see some of the characters still getting the mini-fig love. 

While at Toys R Us I got one of these awesome Pac-Man arcade candy tins, which I've seen ALL over the internet, not to mention over at Reis O'Brien's Lair of the Dork Horde. Incredibly cool. 

This zombie clown was .50 cents out of  a gumball machine at a locla Chinese Restaurant. 

At Target I found this set of Marvel Avengers Chibis set. They're adorable and included are all of the Avengers, Loki, Fury, Coulson, and plain-clothes Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner. There were also a Hawkeye sticker and a couple of chromed out Iron Man and Hulk figures, which I didn't really care about... but pretty. 

A couple of brand new books I recently picked up (At Wal-Mart and TJ Maxx respectively) are Rick Yancey's The 5th Wave and Libba Bray's The Diviners. I love Rick Yancey's books. I have read the entire Monstrumologist series, and the first book in the Alfred Kropp series, and been blown away by everything so far. I hope the buzz surround the 5th Wave isn't just smoke being blown. The Diviners just looks and sounds interesting. So... yeah.

Last but not least are these Slush Puppie candies, which I found in a local chain store called Reny's. Each of these were .99 cents apiece. The fruity tubes are terrible. Just horrible. Rancid tasting actually. The stuff in the middle was sort of sticky and unpleasantly gritty to chew. But I'm saving the wrapper because I love Slush Puppies and I am a hoarder. The cups are inverted lollipops (the straw and the "pile" of slush at the top) and the cup itself is filled with sour powder to dip it in. These will never be opened as it would completely ruin the effect. I suspect they probably taste as terrible as the fruity tubes though. 

That's it for me tonight guys. I'm exhausted from talking about all this wasteful spending outside Goodwill. I'm feeling dirty and guilty and awww... who am I kidding. I love this stuff. 

I'll be back soon with straight-up legit Geeky Goodwill  Goodies though! So until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. Kill Bill is my wifes favorite movie.

  2. Slush Puppies! My friend Mandy love them and actually travels to a little town not too far from where we live to buy herself one as a cool treat sometimes. : )

  3. Those mini Slush Puppies are so adorbs! So much so they're making me use words I hate like "adorbs." I'd buy them just to look at 'em, too.


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