Friday, May 17, 2013

Mommy... Why am I different? Why don't I like Star Trek?

It's League of Extraordinary Bloggers time again! This week we've escaped from out deserted island and and we're going boldly where no man has gone before:

Now... I seriously risk putting any geek cred I may actually have on the line with this particular post.

Confession time: I'm just not that big a fan of Star Trek. Sorry guys. I don't HATE it but I've never been a fan. Like... at all.

Yep. That's the reaction I usually get.

So what the hell am I going to write about? 

I think I'm going to write about 5 things I like better than Star Trek, and why. Yeah... that's it. Let's try that. So I'm going to list some stuff on here in no particular order, and compare them to Star Trek and explain why I like them better than Trek. It's not that I'm particular into hating on Trek, it's just... not my bag, you know? 

5. Star Wars 

So this seems like low-hanging fruit. For decades the battle lines have been drawn between War and Trek. But the simple matter is that Star Wars is more about action and adventure, good vs. evil, and the creative elements that make up a space-opera epic. These are the things that draw me in more than the relatively less action-oriented Trek stories. Of course, for a very long time the Star Wars universe was also significantly  smaller and easier to digest than that of Star Trek because of the smaller volume of movies vs. TV episodes. For me, less intimidation = more enjoyment.

4. Firefly

Yes, like many drooling fanboys all over the world, I am a rabid Firefly fan. And yes, there's room for both Star Trek and Firefly in many a geek's heart... but for me, Firefly tells a very similar style of genre-bending high-concept, deep-thought space exploring story (sans aliens) except that instead of starring a bunch of stuffy Federation officers, the show stars smugglers and whores, which I find infinitely more interesting. 

3. Starship Troopers

If I really WANT to watch an excellent story about space involving a militarized group interacting with alien life-forms... I'll go for this movie. Again, it's all about the action, the adventure, and the craziness. But at its core it has a great story to tell as well, and there's a hidden deeper meaning, as all sci-fi should have. Plus giant killer bugs of several different shapes and sizes. And yes, I realize that Star Trek is on a mission of peace and exploration and yadda-yadda-yadda. KILL ALL BUGS!!!

2. Galaxy Quest


How is it that a meta-style PARODY of Star Trek is infinitely more interesting and attention grabbing than Star Trek!?!? Galaxy Quest manages to do what very few parody movies can: It genuinely entertains the viewer as a relevant entry in the genre it is actively spoofing. Filled with in-jokes and asides to people who are aware of Star Trek (fans and detractors alike...) Galaxy Quest still functions and succeeds as a genuinely exciting science fiction action flick. "And what you fail to realize is my ship... is dragging mines!" Awesome.

1. Nu-Trek

Oh c'mon. You don't REALLY count the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek movies as classic or even N.G. Trek do you? I certainly don't. You know why? Because they draw influence from all of the other 4 items on this list. Yes. Even Galaxy Quest! J.J. Abrams got rid of a lot of the ponderous elements that I didn't enjoy about any of the Treks that have come before, television, movie, or otherwise. I know there are tons of Star Trek Fans that will argue that Star Trek is more cerebral, more high-concept, more... high brow in general. But I find that attitude kind of snooty. I love that Abrams has incorporated more action and adventure in an otherwise stale franchise. He's also made the cast more human, more funny, more conversational, and by changing up the history of the characters and the worlds in the canon, he's let it be known that all bets are off and ANYTHING can happen. It's fresh, it's wild, it's new, and it makes me actually like the idea of exploring the worlds where no man has gone before. I have seen and own the first film, but I haven't yet seen Into Darkness... and I can't wait!!! 

Let's see what the other League Members are saying about the good ol' Trek this week (Surprisingly, NOT all of these Geek blogs are singing the hossanas of the almighty Trek... much as I did not...) 

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At this point I want to pause and note that all three of the previous blogs are self-professed "NOT Trek guys". Please continue: 

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- And Team Hellions fully expects shit for his post (even more than I'm going to get, I'd bet!)

So that's it for tonight folks!!! I'll be back soon with more Geeky Goodwill Goodies!!! Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. Am more of a Trek fan than a Wars fan which is strange because as a kid loved Star Wars more.

  2. I am a Wars girl and I love Firefly too!!

  3. OMG I forgot about Galaxy Quest! That was such a good movie. And I've never really watched all of Firefly, but Nathan Fillion was on my One Life to Live, so I love it already. lol

  4. I get that same reaction whenever I say that I just don't get Lord of the Rings. Much like yourself, its that geek sacred cow I just have never been able to understand, I certainly don't hate it, its just never clicked with me.

    Galaxy Quest is easily near the top of my favorite comedies list.


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