Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Son and the AT-AT.

So... remember how I discovered the other day that there was a vintage Star Wars AT-AT toy living in the woods out back of our house? Well... I posted this image on Instagram last night:

Because... YOU GUYS I GOT HIM TO COME INSIIIIIDE!!! And well... it didn't take long for my 5 year-old to discover him the next morning. 

Wasn't sure I wanted my son kissing the AT-AT, as he's pretty filthy... but I didn't freak out and stop him. It was funny seeing the both of them so immediately start playing. The AT-AT took to my son immediately, and vice versa.

The AT-AT kept trying to lick him. And since my son is INSANELY ticklish... this went over about as well as you'd think:

They played like this for almost an hour.

Rompin' and wrestlin'. 

I have no idea what is even happening here. But I know they were having a TON of fun. 

All I could hear was insane giggling and little metallic snuffling noises. 

The AT-AT just seemed genuinely bewildered as to where my son had disappeared off to. 

Scaled that kid like he was a mountain. 

And then, as fast as it had begun, they were asleep. 

They were seriously tuckered out. 

So... I let them sleep.

I've got a lot to think about. If we're going to keep this thing around, we're going to have to put some serious work in, let me tell you. First of all, as I mentioned, he's filthy. He stinks. My son didn't seem to mind, but he's going to need a serious bath for any long-term conditions. Probably need a visit to the vet... or the mechanic maybe.

I also need to find some way to tell my wife about it... Ahhh... heh.


  1. I thought my biggest smile today was when I found that Bowie record for a dollar.
    But this right here just trumped it :)
    Still smilin as I type this! :) :) :) What a handsome boy you have! A good buddy right there ;)

    1. And he's very cooperative and patient for the camera! Thank you for the kind words Laura, my kids are what keep me going.

  2. Looks like you have a new member in the family now. : )


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