Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Goodwill Geek Mailbag: A Package from Steph at Nerdjoy!

So... I recently set up a trade with Steph over at Nerdjoy! She had seen some toys on the blog that she liked and I told her I was willing to part with them if we could send each other a small package of items apiece. This is how I like trading. It lets people surprise me, and it lets me surprise them. I LOVE surprising packages in the mail. 

Arthur! That's a Disney Princess you're back-handing! Honestly!
So this showed up and knocked my socks off! Let us explore this box (which just so happens to be a Loot-crate box! Ha!) in greater detail. 

I expected a spring-loaded snake to pop out of the tin. I don't know if I was relieved or disappointed. 
First up we have a couple of Star Wars-themed items. A Boba Fett PEZ dispenser, which hits me with the one-two of Boba Fett and PEZ... both of which pull at my heart strings. Second there was this AWEOSOME tin that contains a New Hope digital wristwatch. This thing makes me think of the watches I used to wear when I was a kid, that made my wrist sweat like crazy but made me feel like I was SO GROWN UP. I never fastened them very tight because I sucked at buckles and so I would slip my hand out of the wrist-strap without undoing it. At that age it wasn't about wearing a watch to tell time... it was about wearing a watch you could constantly take off and put back on because of course that's what they were for. Until you lost it. 

I have nothing funny to say. I'm so terribly sorry. So ashamed.
Here was have some awesome figures. A LEGO Joker Happy Meal toy, a bendy Pokey the horse, and an Arthur figure from the Tick action figure line. Can these two sidekicks take on the clown prince of brick-crime??? Stay tuned Geek fans! (I will probably not pursue this, so you don't really need to stay tuned.) 

I've lost my gift for gab. Don't even pay attention to these captions anymore. SOB.
Steph warned me that she might lay some girly toys on me... but this is as bad as it got. And I have to say, I'm not that put off by this Snow White figurine from McDonald's because now my Evil Queen has someone to hunt down and tear the heart out of... or poison... or whatever. I'm definitely not a huge Beanie Baby collector so this froggie friend will probably be headed on to another home... but let's all take a moment to swim in the cute, sad, and slightly derpy pools that are this frog's eyes. 

Something about dinosaurs... or monsters... made of rubber... I've got nothing. I'm so depressed.
Finally, we have the three items I definitely place on a pedestal above all the other items that came in this package. The little frilled lizard/dino figure is AWESOME, and though I can't find any Jurassic park markings on it, it makes me think of the spitting dino that takes out Wayne Knight. Then of course there's the rubber finger-puppet guy who reeks of cheap rubber and childhood. I LOVE THOSE THINGS!!! And finally Steph sent me a figurine of RODAN MOTHERF**KER!!! RODAN!!! I am really digging all things giant-monster lately, and this beautiful little guy from the 1994 Trendmasters line is right up my alley! 

I had such a great time setting up this trade and then seeing what showed up when the package arrived! Steph has an incredible blog over at Nerdjoy  where she explores not only fashion trends inspired by her favorite geeky-properties... but enough cool stuff to have any fan from any fandom drooling over her collections and general outlook on geek-culture. Be sure to check out Nerdjoy

That's all I've got for tonight kids! I'll be back soon with some Geeky Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting! 


  1. Love it! Great and fun stuff in that little box of awesome.

  2. I remember picking up a bunch of figures from the Trendmasters' Godzilla toy-line several years back. They were definitely very cool [and affordable!] versions of my favorite Toho monsters. Never had Rodan, which is odd considering his only solo-film, RODAN (1956), is a childhood favorite.

    Oh, and those creepy creature finger-puppets are pure nostalgia. I have a few in a box with all my mini-figures that are probably as near and dear to me as any legitimate brand or franchise from the '80s.

    1. I really like the Trendmaster size and style. May go tracking some more down in this scale.

      And its funny how random cheap toys can burrow so deeply into our hearts, right?

  3. Ok. All I see is the FINGER MONSTER.

  4. Wonder how I missed this post. I used to have the entire Tick line when Kaybee went out of business.

    1. I have an almost complete set of the little PVC characters they made, but never had any of the bigger scale guys. You can see most of them in the shots above in the background.


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