Monday, November 11, 2013

Goodwill Geek Mailbag: A Little Something from the Dorkette!

In the last year or so of blogging I have made some truly great friends. Some folks I really follow religiously blog-wise, and who I love talking with. When those elements come together and the person in question is another pop-culture/look-what-I-found kind of blogger, like myself... I tend to feel the need to send goodies. So having gotten to know Miss M over at the Diary of a Dorkette blog over the course of my time as a blogger, I felt she definitely fit the bill. So I sent her a package of stuff that I wanted to give a better home than I could.

Well Miss M seemed to appreciate the gesture, and sure enough, a package found its way to my home that had HER name on the return address. She put a lot of thought into the items she sent my way, and it really shows:

Here is the total pile of goodies I received! First off, before I go ahead and dissect the contents... I want to THANK MISS M!!! She is really an awesome person, and awesome blogger, and she's been facing some challenges in her life as of late. Challenges that would probably have kept the average person from sending out packages to her online friends... but Miss M don't roll like that. 

First off, she sent me this quartet of X-Goodness. We have a couple of different Gambit figures, an archangel, and JUGGERNAUT!!! These kick so much butt! (There's more Marvel goodness to come, but I'm saving it)

Also included was this sandcastle made of real sand. I remember these from when I was a kid, and believe it or not I have ALWAYS wanted one!!! This one is just the right size for my cave collection as well. It was promised by Miss M herself that this item would bring me "a lot of magic". So it shall be displayed with pride. Also:

I couldn't NOT post that video along with that gift. 

Next up is a little pile of odds n' ends, including a Miss Piggy PEZ dispenser, a Tazmanian Devil PVC, and a Big John thumb wrestler!!! All extremely cool! 

Next up: Literally some of my favorite items from the package. Sesame Street and Muppet Babies stuff!!! Those Bert and Ernie finger-puppet-things are just awesome. And I have another vintage die-cast vehicle for my Sesame Street collection! Gonzo was really excited to see my Muppet Baby Kermit toy too! And I meant to get a pic of the little plastic firehouse opened up, but forgot. But it's pretty neat. 

These two items may very well be two of my absolute favorite items, period. A Toybiz Nightcrawler just like the one I had as a kid, and a 1996 Invisible Woman Happy Meal toy! She color-changes in cold apparently. (I was too lazy to investigate and take pics, sorry)

Finally there was this HUGE Darth Vader Rose-Art activity case. It definitely brought back memories of those old-school action figure cases they used to make for Star Wars figures when I was a kid. It is pure awesome and will look fantastic in my Darth Vader collection! Look at this thing!

I want to take one last moment to genuinely thank Miss M over at the Diary of a Dorkette blog. She's a really gracious, kind, and supportive blogger, and someone I am proud to consider a friend. I can't thank her enough for the cool loot, and I hope things are going well and looking up for her, always! 

That's it for today folks! I'll be back soon enough with some genuinely Geeky Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. LOVE that lady! I,too got a sand castle from Miss M and have the same memories of pining for one because my older teen sister and cousins had them in their room. Mine's green and it didn't make the blog because it went right up on the built-in next to the pirate mug! Miss M rocks! And I know you like to hear it, so I will confess mild- too near distracting jealousy over those finger puppets and the Cookie Monster car ;)
    This post makes me happy, Geek. And bursting a little with excitement because of this weekend's birthday bounty contains a few more Geek worthy treasures...... good to see another Geek post :)

    1. You and Miss M are two of my favoritest ladies on the internet!!! And is it weird that you both live in Texas? Can't be a coincidence... right? Must be something in the water down there.

  2. So many toys, looks like Miss M has been holding out on me! Just as well, she probably knows I don't have the space. Looks like these toys have themselves a good home!

    I remember the McDonalds Marvel toys, not because I had them, but because of the commercial.

    It was probably the first time I saw these icons in action (I would have been around eight years old at the time) and was in awe of this colorful collection of characters. Though it wouldn't be until '99 when I really got bitten by the Marvel Comics bug.

    In hindsight, its surprising to see the Fantastic Four get so much attention in this set during a time when Spidey and the X-Men were kings of the company.

    1. Erik, I think it's about time somebody put together a care package for you my good man. I genuinely like seeing when you've commented here, because you always put thought and consideration into what you have to say. I appreciate that, and I think it's about time I recognized that.

    2. Thank you. I love putting time and care into something that I think others would enjoy reading, and it fills me with joy knowing that people are reading it! Before I started posting with the League this past summer my blog posts averaged out at about 0 comments, but now I can almost guarantee at least two or three. Just getting feedback is more than enough.

  3. It seems like every week I keep getting reminded of just how cool the community is.

    1. I really feel that way Dex. I genuinely love this crazy, kooky little clubhouse we've got going. I think most of it stems from the LEague of Extraordinary bloggers, but there are plenty of people I've met through random google searches, the Halloween Countdowns... etc. etc. But it's like we're all pieces of this big jigsaw puzzle coming together, and none of the pieces are exactly alike... but we fit like we were all MADE to.

      That sounds... a little hokey, but I'm posting it anyway.

    2. Too true, I love this little community, you guys are like my big internet family!

      You got some nice stuff here Geek! Miss M really is a stand-up gal, she's so thoughtful, kind, and giving! My favorite item here is the Darth Vader case, ver cool!

    3. Your totally right, GG. I've mentioned it in other posts that a lot of us owe Brian/Cool and Collected for introducing us.

  4. I lot of people rag on the internet about why it is often used for evil - but this is a great example of how it can be used (and often is) for good. Bringing people together. Great post. :)

  5. Miss M is so awesome! How can you not just love her. : )

  6. Oh my goodness, I am so glad you enjoyed all these things Goodwill Geek! Like I said, I had been working on a set of stuff to send you for awhile now! As for the sand castles, I originally had three. I can't find the third one (it was pink) but I so loved those sand castles growing up. I used to think the idea was just out of this world amazing, like, "It's a castle. Made out of sand!" So when we found them in the attic, I really couldn't keep them and my mom was going to throw them away and I was like, "No!" So I figured I'd send that magic to you and Laura.

    I was more than happy to send these items your way. I have so much stuff and I can't hold onto everything! lol I hope you are doing wonderful, I hope everyone is! Talk to ya later.


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