Monday, July 30, 2012

A Road Trip

So I have just recently joined the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, and this week's assignment:
Plan out the Ultimate Pop Culture Road Trip! Sounds pretty easy right? Hmmm... Where do I want to go? Well, for me, it's not so much the destination... it's the journey.

I think I would want to travel across the US and see all of the best and wackiest roadside attractions, and hit a few out-of-the-way Goodwills while I'm at it.

See all my stops after the jump!

First, I'd start with The Desert of Maine. Just the idea makes me smile. A sandy, barren wasteland in the green fertile north.

I'd do a lot of the sites on Route 66, such as:

I'd have to swing by Cawker City, Kansas to see the world's Largest Ball of Twine...

I'd swing by Carhenge in Nebraska... 

I think the Vent Haven Ventriloquism museum in Kentucky is a creepy MUST see...

(Yes, I am aware that I am geographically all OVER the US at this point)

The Big Shoe Made of Shoes in Missouri...

With a visit to the World's Largest Toy Museum (also in Missouri)

And at some point I would end my journey by dropping off a yellow lunchbox in those big dinosaurs
from The Wizard and Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

And, as I mentioned above... I would hit every Goodwill along the way:

But wait! That's not all! Other League Members are planning their road trips as well! 

- Over at Green Plastic Squirt Gun, Brothermidnight is planning a road-trip that very much pleases my own sensibilities! He's hitting the Unbelievable Mystery Hole, The Bunny Man Bridge (whatever you do, DON'T Google that one!), and the PEZ museum!!! 

- The Man Who Stares at Toys is planning on hitting some EXCELLENT toy and comic shops, and visiting a bunch of movie Landmarks from Tarentino, the Coen Bros., and Kevin Smith films. 

- In an attempt to Rediscover the 80's, Jason G will be taking an 80's Pop Culture Vacation across the US! He's packing up the Griswold's station Wagon to go Dirty Dancing, Ghost Busting, and... Field Dreaming?  


  1. Interesting trip!You will find some fine thrift stores between Maine and California,Iv made the trip from North Carolina To California probably 200 times and I have fond some crazy stuff in thrift stores along the way. Great blog by the way.

    1. Thank you very much! I am a big fan of GPSG as well! I've just always wanted to hop in an RV and travel around and see all the weird the world hast to offer. I meant to add the House on the Rock to this list... But it's already pretty long...

      If I ever went on such a road trip I'd have to attach a U-Haul to the RV just to contain all the new stuff I'd buy along the way!

  2. Some really cool locations and pictures in there! What I'm really loving about this topic is that nobody's mentioning anywhere big or high profile in the US. Instead I'm learning about all these cool and random locations off the beaten track. Where else other than here would I learn about a jelly bean factory tour? Which looks awesome by the way! A few people in the league have also mentioned that dinosaur from Wizard. I didn't even realise it was still there.

    I'm subscribed now so looking forward reading more. Great post and good to meet another new league member!

  3. Wow! I would like to visit all those places too; very cool and fun list!!

  4. Thanks so much everybody! I'll admit, I went a little nuts, but I've always dreamed of seeing route 66 in its entirety, and the Cabazon Dinosaurs are just one of those places that seem to exist only in dream-time thanks to 80's cinema. I've always been vaguely obsessed with seeing the world's biggest (enter random and otherwise seemingly mundane object here..) ever since seeing the movie Michael, back in the 90's. I don't remember if I even liked th emovie that much, but I remember he wanted to see the world's largest ball of twine... and that stuck with me.


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