Monday, November 23, 2015

Randomly Received: Laura Huey Just saved me 15% on My Car Insurance*

All right... the time has come. I am officially getting ready to delete the content from Really Rather Random Guy (dot blogspot dot com) and in preparing for that, I wanted to import a bunch of the content that I know will then be lost forever, by bringing the posts over here to Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks (dot blogspot dot com). So, with that in mind, I thought I would preface these entries with the fact that they are indeed OLD blog posts from an OLD, now DEFUNCT blog, and cross my fingers and hope that folks will still want to read them.

This post was originally published back on March 7th, 2014.

* Title-Asterisk Pay-Off: This is a false claim for comedic purposes only. Laura Huey saved me 2 dollars, some tax, and gas money for a trip to town. Which is still pretty great though. 

So when I arrived home tonight I was greeted by a small yellow package that I assumed was something I had ordered off of eBay and forgotten about, or my mail-order-bride (which I was going to use once but keep the tags on so I could return it the next day...) or something of that nature. Instead I opened it and found this AMAZINGNESS:

Which, if you are in need of a run-down includes two Muppet key-covers, a cowgirl Fry-Kid, and a Blackstar Alien Demon. That last one I just mentioned a few posts back as being something I had planned on returning to the Dream Catcher Antique Mall to buy, because it goes with the Neptul Action figure I found there. Laura, upon seeing that post, sent this little guy off to me post haste and now he is MINE!!! The cowgirl Fry-Kid looks amazing with my McDonaldLand/Happy Meal collection, and I will actually be using the Kermit key-protector (but just displaying the other one). There was this lovely note included as well:

Since the moment I started corresponding with Laura online, she has proven herself to be one of the most generous and upstanding folks I have ever met. This is just such a Laura thing to do and I am incredibly thankful. I have had a rough week folks... and this was the perfect way to come home on a Friday afternoon: to fun mail from a friend (And then a Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc. Marathon). Be sure to check out Laura's blog over at for a glimpse at some of the fun stuff she's tracked down at antique shops, rummage sales, and the like. Her blog is also filled with fun and funny family tales that will warm you up on a cold March night. 

And speaking of families... look at this beautiful reunion. I'm... I'm misting up a little. Thank you again Laura. You made me smile today and you have no idea how much I needed it. 

Well that's it for tonight kiddos! Keep our peepers peeled here for more random receivals in the future!


  1. How awesome! Laura is the best and I am glad she was able to cheer you up. I hope that the new week ahead will be much better for you. : )

  2. Nice! Laura is simply an amazing person. It's great to see the Blackstar family reunion. :)


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