Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Goodwill Quick Stop: Some Geeky Books

A quick one tonight kids, to show off a pile of books found in months past at Goodwill! 

First up is this Choose Your Own Adventure book: Beyond the Great Wall. It looks like a nice mix between Around the World in 80 Days and possibly the animated Jackie Chan Adventures. Plus check out that Snidely Whiplash mustache on the guy closest to grabbing the balloon! 

I now own a copy of the Batman Forever novelization. It was the first of the Joel Schumacher films and the beginning of the end of my love of Superhero movies back in the 90's. But looking back on them now, I get a whole different level of entertainment value out of them. Its like I can appreciate them more because I already know going in that I don't even have to try and like them.  

I actually love the Dungeons and Dragons Endless Quest books MORE than your average CYOA books. My favorite has always been The Pillars of Pentagarn, but this one, Raid on Nightmare Castle, will also do nicely. 

This is my second time finding a Doctor Who novel secondhand! This one stars the very first William Hartnell Doctor! Not my favorite Doctor but always exciting to find a book starring the Doctor in any case. 

This book is just so chock-full of awesome I can't stand it! Every page is filled with little cartoons and factoids like you see there on the cover. One of the first ones was about James Barry, a doctor in the 1800's who died and THEN it was discovered that he was secretly a woman! Believe it... OR NOT.

I've been trying to track down Ramona books for my wife to read to our little boys for some time now. We can now add Ramona the Pest to her collection! 

And finally, What's a Fraggle? which answers the burning question that I know we all woke up with on our minds this morning. 

Cute as frick! 

So there you have it! Yet another pile of geeky books that I have tracked down secondhand at Goodwill! From almost literally all corners of the geekosphere.

That's it for tonight kids! But I'll be back soon with more Geeky Goodwill Goodies! Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. I JUST put the Batman novelizations on my list to get. Too funny.

  2. Yeah, last night on Geek Fallout's Comic Book episode talked about how Batman Forever was the beginning of the end for comic book movies. Its hard to believe that was released the same year as the animated feature film "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm". Even Roger Ebert said the cartoon treated its audience more like adults than the movie that was actually aimed at grown ups.

    Really its shocking to find any pre-launch Doctor Who merch in the US, especially one as old as this with the very first Doctor. Actually the Gunfighters episode is rather shocking as the DVD release had to censor a use of the N Word believe it or not.

    I remember Beverly Clearly was an indispensable part of growing up. Good to see that Harry Potter and Hunger Games haven't stopped them from being shared with new generations.

    1. There is one or more of those movies on the way, that will spell the end for the current renaissance of comic book films. Just wait... it'll probably be Ant Man.

  3. Derek,
    Each book you procured is amazing, but the Fraggle Rock "Weekly Reader" is just out of this world. I grew up on this show and these little underground critters had my heart. Once again....great finds!

    1. I remember being a part of that Weekly Reader program when I was a kid. Loved those books!

  4. I remember biking down to the local book store (yes, we had a whole store that was nothing but books!) to check out the D&D EQ books. As much as I loved the CYOA books and their change of stories/themes, the D&D books really hit me in the sweet spot because it was always fantasy, all the time. Even when TSR expanded it to included other things, like Gamma World, it was still awesome because the books were always part of the larger gaming world.
    I always love seeing the covers for the books that I haven't seen in forever.


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