Thursday, December 5, 2013

Goodwill Geek Mailbag: Holiday Cheer from Boo Bobby Blog!

So the other day I received a padded mailer envelope from my friend Laura, over at the Boo Bobby Blog. It contained these:

Here we have an Applause PVC figurine of Bert carrying Christmas packages while ice-skating (and people accuse him of being boring?). He has no date stamp so I'm not sure when this was produced. He's just adorable though, and he is most likely going to end up being turned into a Christmas tree ornament. 

The little pink dust-mop to the right of Bert is a Fry-Gal, from a set of bendies produced by McDonalds back in 1988. These are actually really hard for me to find info about online, but apparently there was a set of six, including Ronald, the Professor, Hamburglar, Birdie, and Captain Crook. 

The point though is, THANK YOU LAURA!!! As anyone who has read this blog for any length of time should know, mini-figures are a sweet spot for me. Mini-figures based on Sesame Street and McDonald Land just push me right over the edge. I was so excited to receive these awesome little guys! 

For anyone semi-new to the community here, PLEASE check out Laura's blog. She's a part of a great network of bloggers I've met around the internet who specialize in thrift-shopping, and writing from their hearts. These include: 

- Laura herself over at Boo Bobby Blog

- The Trash Man at Pop Pop! It's Trash Culture

- Mason at D.I. Treasures

- Jon at Clawful Punch

- Miss M at Diary of a Dorkette

- Rob at Robbie Go Easy on the Pepsi! (Appears to be... doing something... to his site, which is sort of empty at the moment. I'm leaving the link up for now, because he's got some great stuff to share)

- And Op Shop Mama over at... well, Op Shop Mama.

There are others, LOTS of others, and if I left you off the list, please don't be offended, just pop a URL in the comments below so folks can check out your site!

This is it for me today guys, but I'll be back with more Geek Goodwill Goodies in no time! Until then, Happy Hunting!


  1. Love it! Two of my favorite bloggers connecting and some gift sharing too. : )

  2. That Bert is so cool! I used to have like infinity of those PVC figures at scout camp, including my favorite Sesame Street character Super Grover, but I think they are all lost now. :.( There may still be some lurking in my parents garage, who knows.

    Laura is a great blogger and just a wonderful person all around! I too recently received a little Christmas care package from her and I love it! She knows exactly what kind of stuff I like because she takes the time to read my humble little blog. It's like a little extended blogging family we've all got here!

    Also, thanks for mentioning my blog and leaving a link, I appreciate it! :)

  3. Just got back from a few days away.... thanks, Geek.
    What do you give a man that has a toy room to rival that of Micheal Jackson's?
    Why, anything and everything tickles his fancy! ;)
    The pom pom chick that started it all. You know, I was specifically looking for others like her on that day I found your blog. I was interested in making a collection. Turns out I just collected a few new friends instead. That's why I wanted to send it. :)
    And thanks, Mason! It is a family.


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